9 Labradoodle Haircuts: Which Hairstyle is Best for Your Pet?

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Labradoodles are loved for their beautiful coats and super adorable teddy bear appearance.

The coat is one of the distinctive highlights of this breed and one of the reasons why these dogs are so famous on social media.

A golden colored Labradoodle
A beautiful Labradoodle

And all that fur has pets, people worldwide becoming really imaginative when styling their Labradoodle puppies.

From the eat-em-up puppy cut to the fun and funky mohawk cut, there is a hairstyle to suit every Labradoodle and owner!

In this article, we will investigate the most famous Labradoodle haircuts while also giving you a few hints and tips on keeping your pet’s fur looking snazzy and feeling phenomenal.

What is a Labradoodle?

Labradoodles were created in 1988 by an Australian breeder who required a canine suitable for blind individuals who experienced sensitivities and allergies to dog hair.

He thus created an intelligent, caring, easily trainable therapy dog with a hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Standard Poodle.

A Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle
The Lab (left) and the Standard Poodle (right)

The Labradoodle then gave rise to a boom in poodle crossbreeds in the 1990s, with a range of crossbreeds bursting onto their scene.

These dogs were loved for their curly coats, teddy bear-like appearances, and adoring characters.

Other popular doodle crossbreeds include the Schnoodle, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Sheepadoodle

The Different Coat Types 

The type of coat your Labradoodle has will depend on your dog’s genetics and what type of cross he is.

The most common types of Labradoodle for sale are F1 and F1B canines

F1 Labradoodles are original crosses, meaning they are the pups of a thoroughbred Poodle and thoroughbred Golden Retriever. 

The exact type of fur that an F1 puppy has is unpredictable as it could resemble either of its parent breeds.

They could have the silky, wavy coat of the Labrador Retriever or the firmly twisted coat of the Poodle.

An F1 Standard Labradoodle
Source: @ruby_the_red_labradoodle / IG

F1B Labradoodles, on the other hand, are backcrossed, meaning they have one thoroughbred parent and one crossbreed.

This implies they probably contain more Poodle qualities and are more likely to have this parent breed’s non-shedding, curly coat.

An F1b chocolate Labradoodle
Source: @nora_the_exploorer / IG

Do Labradoodles need haircuts?

If your Labradoodle has the curly coat typical of the Poodle breed and the F1B cross, they shouldn’t shed a ton.

Leave these coats ungroomed, and they can become very long. This can cause dreadlocks or mats.

Likewise, this thick coat can get pretty hot for your canine – like wearing a thick pullover day in and day out.

Consequently, Labradoodles ought to have their haircut regularly to keep their skin and fur looking and feeling incredible.

What Do Labradoodle Haircuts Look Like?

There are various Labradoodle haircuts available to fit all budgets, lifestyles, and characters.

You can choose your dog’s haircut based on cuteness, affordability, or practicality.

See which Labradoodle hairstyle is ideal for yourself and your pet by investigating the options beneath.

1. Short Haircut (Short Clip)

Labradoodle with a short haircut or short clip
Source: @moondoggrooming / IG

The Labradoodle short clip or short haircut is a popular, low-maintenance style.

This is quite similar to the kennel cut which we will delve into later on; it is just a bit longer, making it perfect for owners who want an easy-to-maintain haircut in warmer climates. 

The hair on your Labradoodle should be cut all around to about one inch in length, except around the ears, where it can be left longer.

2. Long Haircut (Long Clip)

Labradoodle with a long haircut or long clip
Source: @unique_doodles_pups_style / IG

As the name suggests, in the long clip your Labradoodles’ hair is left longer all over the body to about 2 inches.

It should be the same length all over, allowing your dog to show off his beautiful curly coat. 

Although this haircut is great for cooler climates, it will require regular brushing to prevent knots from forming, while regular trips to the groomer to maintain the length will also be necessary. 

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Labradoodle with a teddy bear cut
Source: @all.about.harvey / IG

The teddy bear cut is one of the most well-known and cutest haircuts you can give your Labradoodle.

Your canine will have rounded features with this cut, such as the ears, cheeks, and paws. The hair around the face and legs is left somewhat longer.

This gives your Labradoodle a very cuddly, soft appearance.

The coat with this hairstyle is 0.5 to 2 inches long, yet the longer segments can get to 3 or 6 inches long.

While very adorable, this haircut is a lot to upkeep and requires a seriously talented groomer to appropriately execute as a ton of hand scissor work is required.

This can likewise imply that it’s costly.

You also need to regularly brush your pet and take your dog to the parlor to keep up with his delightful look.

4. Puppy Cut

Labradoodle with a puppy cut
Source: @thegroomersatmerriments / IG

The Labradoodle puppy cut is another popular style for this breed.

With this haircut, your dog looks like a puppy with a shorter, fluffier coat that is shorter on the body and left curly and more natural on the head.

This hairstyle is a bit easier to maintain than the teddy bear cut and can even do yourself at home with the right tools.

5. Lion Cut

Labradoodle with a lion cut
Source: @thedynamicdoggieduo / IG

The Lion Cut is a popular Poodle hairstyle. It’s otherwise called the Continental Clip by the American Kennel Club (AKC) when showing the Poodle breed.

As the name suggests, this haircut intends to make your Labradoodle resemble a lion with shaved legs, shoulders, and tail.

However, the head, chest, and stomach are left soft and fluffy. 

The posterior is additionally fluffy, and there are, in some cases, poofy balls on the feet and tail. Your dog’s face and snout should be shaved.

This is an exceptionally high-maintenance hairstyle that takes a ton of expertise and everyday brushing to keep up with.

6. Lamb Cut

Labradoodle with a lamb cut
Source: @barkber.co / IG

The Labradoodle lamb cut is straightforward, assuming that you intend to cut your dog’s hair yourself, and it takes minimal effort to maintain.

The lamb cut is a smooth, short style without any corners or sharp edges.

The only parts of the body that are left longer in the legs, which can be slightly fluffy, and the ears, which work to give your dog that lamb-like appearance.

7. Kennel Cut

Labradoodle with a kennel cut
Source: @trimsalonfluffycoats / IG

With this hairstyle, your Labradoodle’s coat is trimmed short everywhere except has some additional length on top and around the tail.

As the name suggests, the kennel cut is favored by owners whose dogs spend a lot of time in environments like pet hotels as it requires little maintenance.

This is also ideally suited for highly active canines.

Labradoodles that live in warm environments may also appreciate the Kennel Clip since it permits a large portion of the thick, warm fur to be removed.

For that reason, this haircut is otherwise called the Summer Cut

8. Asian Fusion

The Eastern world is known for the magnificent haircuts they give their dogs, turning them into stylish social media stars.

The Asian Fusion hairstyle is a must-try if you want your dog to look oh-so-trendy. 

With this look, the body is trimmed short while the hair on the legs is styled in a flared-out manner to give your dog the look that he is wearing bell-bottoms.

The muzzle can also be styled in a donut shape, and the ears are given a triangular look.

The options are endless when it comes to styling your dog.

9. Mohawk Cut

Labradoodle with a mohawk cut

If your pet has a real personality, you should think about the mohawk cut for your Labradoodle.

As the name recommends, this haircut leaves your canine with a mohawk that runs down the back, beginning from the highest point of their head.

The remainder of their fur would be trimmed in the kennel cut or summer cut referenced previously.

You can have loads of fun with the length and thickness of the mohawk part of this cut.

You could even dye the mohawk a brilliant color to make your pet stand out.

How to Cut Labradoodle’s Face Hair?

A Labradoodle whose face is styled
Source: @groomer_asa_ / IG

Labradoodles typically have thick, wavy, curly hair, which can get very messy when they eat, drink, or scratch the soil.

The hair can also hang in your dog’s eyes, making it difficult for him to see or even leading to irritation and infection.

If you like to keep your dog’s face clean, you can choose to trim the hair around his face and muzzle yourself before it’s time to take him to the groomer for a full haircut.

The initial step is to uncover the eyes utilizing blunt-tipped scissors. You do this by following a triangular shape that runs from your dog’s eyes down the side of his nose.

Then, you need to delicately brush your Labradoodle’s facial hair using a comb, followed by the same scissors to cut the hair on the jaw in an oval shape.

Then, you can brush the highest point of your canine’s head, utilizing your scissors to trim this region. Here you can have a great time playing with the shape.

Lastly, you will need to cut the ears, clipping off any additional hair from the lower part of the ears, being extra mindful so as not to trim the actual ears.

To check whether the ears match, you can pull the two ears tenderly towards the nose to look at their length.

How Often Do Labradoodles Need Haircuts?

A Labradoodle at a dog groomer's salon
Source: @horsenhoundsgrooming / IG

Depending on the hairstyle you choose for your Labradoodle, he will likely need to be taken to the parlor for a cut every six to eight weeks.

The groomer should also trim your dog’s ear hair and bathe him during this time.

Depending on how dirty your dog gets, you might also consider giving him another bath in the in-between months.

You should also clip your dog’s nails every second week and give him a brush at home three to four times a week. 

Suppose you want to save time and money on regular grooming visits, it’s best to choose a short, low, maintenance hairstyle for your Labradoodle dog, such as the kennel cut.

You can also reduce the need for haircuts by establishing a good grooming routine that includes regular brushing and baths.

Be sure to brush your dog’s hair every couple of days to get rid of any mats and prevent knots from forming.

You can also bathe your dog around once a month to free any dirt trapped in his curly coat.

Just be sure to dry your pet properly after his bath to prevent dampness and mold and prevent your dog from getting sick.

You can also trim your dog’s face using the tips above if you need to get rid of some hair around his eyes, but he isn’t quite ready for a full cut.

Regardless of how long you can delay getting your dog’s haircut, you won’t be able to avoid taking your Labradoodle to the groomer altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

A four-month-old Labradoodle
Source: @dodger_the_dood_ / IG

When should a puppy get its first haircut?

When your Labradoodle pup is around 16 weeks or four months old, he can be taken for his first haircut.

By this stage, your Labradoodle pup will have had his immunizations and will defend against picking up sicknesses from different canines at the parlor.

However, before this, you can acquaint your pup with grooming through washes and brushing at home.

You also don’t want to wait too long before taking your pet to the groomer, as older dogs can be more restless and anxious when acquainted with new situations.

How short should you cut his hair?

How short you decide to cut your Labradoodle’s hair will depend on your climate and willingness to maintain his coat.

If you live in a hot place and don’t care for regular grooming, you can opt for a very short coat.

The hair, however not be cut to less than 0.5 inches as this destroys the natural oils in your dog’s coat.

Should a Labradoodle be shaved?

You might need to shave your Labradoodle periodically, mainly if you live somewhere warm or need to manage mats and tangles.

Labradoodles don’t have a double coat, so shaving them at times shouldn’t harm their jacket coat or skin long haul.

What happens if you don’t groom this breed?

People who disregard taking their Labradoodle to the groomer will wind up with a dog with a corded or tangled coat, which can be uncomfortable and painful for your dog.

Regular brushing and grooming are necessary to prevent this matting. 

When mats and cords start to form, they can be challenging to eliminate, and you might have to shave your canine to dispose of them.

How to Maintain Your Labradoodle’s Hair?

A Labradoodle who just got a haircut
Source: @unique_doodles_pups_style / IG

Labradoodles ought to be taken to the groomer each couple of months while they likewise need frequent brushing, especially where the longer, fluffier pieces of their coat are concerned. 

When first acquainting your Labradoodle pup with the brush, make sure to do so at such a leisurely pace, so he becomes acclimated to the device and the grooming process, as you would rather not have a daily battle with your canine over-brushing.

You probably will need to first give him a few treats during brushing so he considers the experience to be a positive one.

How much does it cost to groom this breed?

Groomers charge somewhere between $40 and $80 per visit.

Labradoodles can be challenging to groom due to their tightly curled coat; they typically cost towards the higher end of the scale.

If your dog does not like going to the parlor, you can try to find a groomer that comes to you, albeit these usually are more costly.

You could also try training yourself to self-groom your dog, and this would then only cost you the price of the tools, or you might be able to find a self-grooming facility in the area where you can rent the space and the tools for between $11 and $23 a visit.

How can I find the best groomer in my area?

Grooming the Labradoodle breed requires a sufficient degree of expertise and experience, so search for somebody with experience in doodle breeds.

Great groomers don’t take in many canines all at once or use medications to keep the dogs still.

Can you groom your dog on your own?

A Labradoodle on a grooming table
Source: @what_the_pup_dog_grooming / IG

If you opt for a simple haircut like the puppy cut or kennel cut, you can try grooming your Labradoodle at home. With the correct tools and patience, you can groom your dog.

You just need to take a great deal of care, especially around their eyes and ears, as these are the most sensitive parts of your dog. 

You will also need to train your Labradoodle dog to enjoy the grooming process, as it can be extremely challenging to keep your dog still if he doesn’t like being groomed.

It is good to get your dog accustomed to brushing and baths from a very young age.

You also need to make sure your pet looks forward to the grooming process with lots of praise and treats.

What are the essential grooming tools to use?

If you want to try grooming your Labradoodle at home, you will require suitable instruments such as thinning shears, blunt-tipped scissors, and quality trimmers. 

Slanted-edged scissors will also assist you with cutting through the curly coat of a Labradoodle, while a finishing shear is essential for fine detail work.

If you’re uncertain about grooming your canine at home, go to a parlor with who you may be able to give some tips.

You can also find some good grooming tips online, such as this video which shows you how to groom your dog using a WAHL KM5 Clipper: 

Which Haircut Is the Best Match for Your Labradoodle Lifestyle?

Labradoodle haircuts are an excellent tool for communicating the character of both yourself and your dog.

A lion or mohawk cut can make your pet stand out from other dogs, while a teddy bear or puppy cut will make your Labradoodle even more lovable. 

However, if the upkeep isn’t your thing, you might pick a short kennel cut or short clip. In the end, the decision is up to you.

How would you cut your Labradoodle? Let us know in the comments beneath.

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