Informational Dog-Related Web Sites

This compilation is Copyright 1995-1999 by Cindy Moore.

The posted version may be found on under pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/www-list; to get a copy by email, send a message to with

send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/www-list
in the body.

Errors: Corrections, additions and suggestions should be sent directly to me. I list most dog related Web sites, with the following criteria and restrictions:

  1. It should have some general information about dogs, a breed, or an activity. Pages that are personal homepages for individual dogs are not listed, as there are so many of them. Many other websites will list individual pages, so look around a little. I do make exceptions if the page is the only one for the breed in question.
  2. If the page on the breed is only the breed's standard, that is not considered enough information on the breed...many sites already list compilations of only breed standards, so this adds little.
  3. I do not list pages that primarily advertise one's kennel. Again, exceptions may be made if a) the page includes a great deal of useful information separate from the kennel promotion or b) is the only one available for that breed. Such a link may be later removed if more generally informative sites on the breed appear. For those who do want to see kennel pages, check out the free & searchable listing here.
  4. Rescue and shelter pages are not listed individually; Kyler Laird keeps the most comprehensive list of these sites.
  5. I do not (to my knowledge) list pages that plagiarize.
  6. Web accessible sites that are not in Web format are not listed (eg, ftp archives, binaries).
  7. Positively nothing on Animal Rights activism. Animal Welfare links welcomed. I make the decision as to which is which.
  8. I no longer list "Kennel Clubs" that promote the registration and/or breeding of intact dogs of unknown or mixed ancestry and that do not sponsor any form of dog shows, competitions, performance events, etc. for the evaluation of dogs registered by them.
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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the contents of any web page not on my site. This list is provided for informational purposes only. In particular, if a listed site portrays specific individuals negatively, I have found there is often more than one side to the story, so take it with a grain of salt and verify for yourself. It's a pity because the overall integrity of a site that includes personal attacks is called into question regardless of the quality of the rest of the information it may contain.

Broken links: There are many links on this page. Inevitably, some of them will have moved, or no longer work. While I periodically go through and clear out deadwood, you are welcome to email me if you find broken links. Please remember that some errors are transient, such as the DNS entry not being found.

My Picks: Just for fun, I've started marking my personal favorites with stars. This is not a reflection on sites that don't have any marks -- the sheer volume of links here prohibits my being thorough. Nevertheless, I get asked which sites I like a lot, so I've started indicating some of them below. They tend to be biased by my personal interests, so as I said, take them for what they are worth. I have deliberately refrained from marking any sites I work on, of course these sites are very good, too ;-). Five stars -- must see, four -- lots of great information, three -- definitely worth a look. No, I don't have a banner program -- I gave up listing the ones I got long ago just because the graphics got to be too much to load.

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Canine FAQ's

General Canine Sites

Breed Sites

The sites listed below provide general information about the breed and may also describe or list specific kennels, particularly for breeds not otherwise well represented on the Internet. However, the preference is always for websites representing sources of information; commercially oriented sites devoted to kennels or puppy sales are not listed. In the case of multiple entries for a breed, the first entries are the earliest, followed by later entered sites. This does not necessarily reflect the actual "age" of the web site.

Rescue, Shelters, and Related Information

Because of the ongoing problem with sites that have incomplete, copied, or out of date links, I am reducing this section to one reference which does keep a complete and up-to-date list. If you have a shelter related page, please contact Kyler Laird to have him include a link to it in his list.

Newsletters, Articles, Magazines, etc.

Pet Loss Pages


Medical Info

Dog Care Info



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