Jack Russel Terrier Mixes: 40+ Different JRT Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

A petite pooch with a big character and an even bigger heart, the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) stands out because of its spunky energy and spirited personality.

But how about its crossbreeds? Will they get an equally cute look, as well as its impressive traits? How about its quirks?

Portrait of Jack Russell Terrier dog
The adorable Jack Russell Terrier

We’ll help you find out by introducing you to many Jack Russell Terrier mixes of the Dog-dom.

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What is a Jack Russell Terrier?

Initially used as fox hunting dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that you shouldn’t underestimate for being small.

It may only have a height of 10 to 15 inches (25 to 38 cm) at the withers, but this highly active and intelligent canine doesn’t just excel when asked to hunt and dig.

You can also see them doing other fieldwork with its owner or competing in different sports such as earthdog events and terrier races!

Some say that they’re basically the same breed as the Parson Russell Terrier (PRT), named after the man who developed the breed – Reverend John Russell.

But they just have a tiny difference in size, according to the breed standard of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

But even if Jack Russells have outstanding qualities when it comes to their looks, temperament, and skills, they’re not for every family or household.

We wouldn’t recommend a doggo with a bold personality and exceptionally high prey drive to first-time dog owners and those who own other small pets like cats and rabbits.

They also wouldn’t be a great fit for those who are often away from home and can’t provide the exercise that an energetic dog requires.

44 Most Popular Jack Russell Terrier mixes

The Jack Russell Terrier is crossed with other purebreds to create a dog that’s calmer, low shedding, or an overall well-balanced canine that will be suitable for more fans of the breed but couldn’t handle them.

Let’s see which of these Jack Russell Terrier mixed breed dogs would fit your lifestyle.

1. Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jack Chi)

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix dog ready for a shopping

Also called Jackhuahua or Jackwawa, Jack Chis are very much like its parents – fantastic family pets that are tiny yet daring.

They generally look like the Chihuahua with their short legs and bug-like eyes, but with a stockier build.

2. Beagle Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackabee)

Jack Russell Terrier Beagle mix dog waiting for his owner outside
Source: @whiskyandgin.thejackabees / IG

The Beagle Jack Russell Terrier mix is one of the cuties on our list. This affectionate and loyal hybrid will make you fall in love with its curiosity and its Beagle parent’s distinctive floppy ears.

3. Pug Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jug)

Jack Russell Terrier Pug mix dog waiting for a treat
Source: @pawpalssutton / IG

The Jug dog breed has the physical qualities of a Pug but has a muzzle or nose that’s slightly longer to reduce breathing problems that are common in flat-faced or brachycephalic canines.

Other than that, Pug Jack Russell mixes have a sweet and bouncy nature that you’ll totally adore, despite their naughty habits.

4. Poodle Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackapoo)

Happy Jack Russell Terrier Poodle mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @archie_jackapoo14 / IG

Whether their Jack Russell Terrier parent is mixed with a Toy Poodle, a Miniature one, or a Standard Poodle, Jack-A-Poos are excellent family dogs for those who can keep up with an energetic Doodle pup.

5. Rat Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jack-Rat Terrier)

Jack Russell Terrier Rat Terrier mix dog on a hike

Also known as Jersey Terrier, Jack Rat Terriers are multi-talented doggos that won’t let you down, whether it’s hunting, jogging, retrieving, guarding, or even canine sports like agility and tracking competitions.

It’s best to know, though, that Jack-Rats and other Jack Russell Terrier mixes can inherit health problems that their parents are predisposed to.

Some of those illnesses include deafness, Legg Perthes, which can shorten your pet’s lifespan, and kneecap dislocation called Patellar Luxation.

6. Boston Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Bo-Jack)

Jack Russell Terrier Boston Terrier mix dog standing inside the house
Source: @bender.dog / IG

Energetic, spunky, and fun-loving — who wouldn’t love the sweet Bo-Jack?

Aside from Jack Russell being a hunter, Boston Terriers are bred to fight, so it may come as a surprise how this terrier cross is gentle and sensitive, but they really are.

7. Labrador Retriever Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackador)

Jack Russell Terrier Labrador Retriever mix dog posing on the beach
Source: @the_life_of_sheldon / IG

Jackadors are excellent for active families. Even though they got the energy level of the Jack Russell, but they also inherited the loving and obedient temperament of the Labrador.

8. Shih Tzu Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jack Tzu)

Jack Russell Terrier Shih Tzu mix dog on a bay walk
Source: @tobymeetstheworld / IG

The Shih Tzu and Jack Russell Terrier dog’s offspring that also goes by the nickname Russeltzu is a unique mix that comes in a compact size and has a shaggy yet cute coat.

With a happy-go-lucky attitude, you won’t be able to help but play and cuddle with this pup, even those who have an underbite!

9. Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackshund)

Jack Russell Terrier Dachshund mix dog portrait
Source: @mini_the_jackshund / IG

Jackshunds often have the elongated body and adorably oversized paws of the Dachshund, then the face of the Jack Russell.

This pooch is more laid-back and is an excellent watchdog, meaning you can count on it to be a great companion for households with little kids and senior adults.

10. Pomeranian Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jack-A-Ranian)

Jack Russell Terrier Pomeranian mix dog sitting on the seaside

Cross a Jack Russell Terrier with a Pomeranian, and you’ll get a fantastic family pet with a fluffy coat. Jack-A-Ranians might get too attached to their person, but they’re also one of the smallest terrier dogs on this list.

If you’re looking for a playful doggo that can adjust to small homes like apartments, consider the Pom-Jack Russell mix.

11. Yorkshire Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jorky)

Jack Russell Terrier Yorkshire Terrier mix dog portrait
Source: @pumpkinthepupper / IG

Call it Jorkie, Yorkie Jack, or Yorkie Russell, the feisty and curious Yorkshire Terrier-Jack Russell mix usually has the same hair and black and tan markings of the Yorkie.

Despite their tiny size, they require a whole lot of love and exercise.

12. Corgi Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Cojack)

Jack Russell Terrier Corgi mix dog enjoying the beach
Source: @narathepup / IG

Cojacks are crossbreeds made by mixing the Jack Russell Terrier with either a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Just like Corgis, this adventurous hybrid loves to chase, herd, and play. Watch out if you have small pets or little kids because this pupper will try to run around them and nip.

13. Bull Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Bully Jack Terrier)

Jack Russell Terrier Bull Terrier mix dog sitting on a walkway
Source: @patiencewithgrace / IG

Bully Terriers, or Bull Jacks, are robust and intelligent dogs who require little grooming. Don’t judge this fido or its Bull Terrier parent because of their fighting background.

With proper training and early socialization, they’ll make a lovely addition to your family.

14. Toy Fox Terrier Jack Russell mix (AKA Mini Foxy Russell)

Jack Russell Toy Fox Terrier mix dog standing on the flower garden
Source: @patiencewithgrace / IG

The Toy Foxy Russell is a small doggo, like Toy Fox Terriers, that can play all day and tend to have a stubborn streak.

If you have experience establishing yourself as the alpha among your fur pals, this playful and sociable pup might be your match.

15. Pit Bull Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jack Pit)

Jack Russell Terrier Pit Bull Terrier mix dog sitting on the walkway
Source: @pebblesmychicken / IG

With a muscular build like the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Pitbull & Jack Russell mix is a designer dog that’s loyal, playful, and energetic.

They’re easy to train for handlers who have experience in owning a breed with a tenacious nature. If not trained and socialized, this can lead to the Jack Pit getting too persistent or aggressive.

16. Border Collie Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Border Jack)

Jack Russell Terrier Border Collie mix dog sitting near the stairs
Source: @seementagrow / IG

The Border Jack will have a long, wiry coat that can mix of white, brown, and black colors. They can perform well in sports and agility tasks, and are incredibly intelligent and super fast learners.

Their athletic natures are best suited to active families and homes with lots of space. They will be destructive if not given the mental stimulation they need. 

17. Cairn Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jacairn)

Jack Russell Terrier Cairn Terrier mix dog portrait
Source: @ontheflykmo / IG

The Jacairn is a low-maintenance breed with a rough, wiry coat. Their cute face is characterized by folded over ears and a smiley expression.

These dogs are highly intelligent and easy to train, being overly eager to please. They will want to be with you wherever you go.

They also love to play and are a fantastic choice for families with children. Just be warned, if not given adequate exercise, they are known to dig and even climb!

18. Miniature Schnauzer Jack Russell Terrier mix

Jack Russell Terrier Miniature Schnauzer mix dog portrait
Source: @stanley_sprout/ IG

The Jack Schnauzer is a darling little dog with wiry hair and a super cute face.

With Schnauzer’s sharing some of the same personality traits of Terriers, this dog will love to play and will do well in a family environment.

Their perky personalities need plenty of exercise, and they love to be near their owners as much as possible.

19. Australian Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Rustralian Terrier)

The Rustralian Terrier is a small dog with a scruffy, rough-textured, multi-patterned coat, short-legs, expressive face, and floppy ears.

This Jack Russell Terrier mix has a huge heart. They are an excitable breed with strong hunting instincts and impressive physical stamina, but they also have an affectionate side.

20. Cocker Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier mix

Cocker Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier mix dog sitting on the sand
Source: @paddythecockerjack / IG

The Cocker Jack is a well-balanced pet with the more subdued demeanor of the Cocker Spaniel.

This crossbreed will be very loyal and loving, intensely devoted to their family and human companions, although sometimes reserved with strangers.

The Cocker Jack can be a bit rough with young children, although often not intentionally.

21. French Bulldog Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA French Bull Jack)

French Bulldog Jack Russell Terrier mix dog excited for food
Source: @nuka.carlo.thejackbulls / IG

A sought-after designer dog, the French Bull has a sturdy, thick-set body, oversized ears, and a flat face. This larger than life dog will have a spunky, outgoing personality and a need to play.

They need lots of space to run but at night need to be indoors, curled up on the duvet with their humans. Their snoring may keep you awake, though! 

22. Golden Retriever Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Golden Jack Retriever)

Golden Retriever Jack Russell Terrier mix dog enjoying the snow
Source: @burtonsteezoc / IG

The Golden Jack Retriever blends the calm, family-loving Golden Retriever with the energetic Jack Russel.

These dogs make great exercise companions due to their love of the outdoors, goofy nature, and affinity for water.

They will be a lean and muscular mix with their Retriever parent’s golden color, although the coat type may be wirier than silky smooth.

23. Siberian Husky Jack Russell Terrier mix

Siberian Husky Jack Russell Terrier mix dog in a camping
Source: @chasenieobrown / IG

The Siberian Husky Jack Russell Terrier mix will look like their Siberian Husky parent with a fluffy coat and masked face, with a slightly shorter body.

These fun-loving pups need plenty of space and live for the chase. So, be sure to keep them on a leash.

They also have a strong desire to be the center of attention and will keep you entertained with their clown-like antics.

24. Rottweiler Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackweiler)

Jack Russell Terrier Rottweiler mix dog portrait
Source: @5meows1bark / IG

The Jackweiler is a tall dog that can come in various coat colors and patterns, with the most common being a blend of black and brown.

This breed makes a fantastic guard dog and they are not very welcoming to strangers and need firm leadership.

With proper training, this dependable breed will show its goofy, affectionate side and become fast friends.

25. Papillon Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Papijack)

Jack Russell Terrier Papillon mix dog waiting for a treat
Source: @lizzymb73 / IG

The Papijack is an expressive, little dog. They tend to bark and be overly territorial and are thus not well suited to apartment living, while their energetic natures require plenty of regular exercise.

Cute but creative, they will find a way to keep themselves entertained if you don’t do it, which can be fun and entertaining but very destructive.

26. Bichon Frise Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackie-Bichon)

Jack Russell Terrier Bichon Frise mix dog sitting under the table
Source: @t_eddybaby /IG

The Jackie-Bichon is a small dog that looks very similar to a Jack Russell, except with a fluffier, curlier coat that demands regular grooming.

The Bichon Frise adds a sweet, gentle touch to the Jack Russell’s high energy level, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Jackie-Bichon makes a great family companion and is terrific with children, loving lots of attention!

27. Australian Cattle Dog Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Cattlejack)

Jack Russell Terrier Australian Cattle Dog mix dog wearing a coat
Source: @27coachbritt / IG

The Cattlejack is a medium-sized canine with large ears, a cheeky smile, and a short sleek coat with mottled markings. The Cattlejack will be happiest when given a task to do.

They will thrive as working dogs on farms, and need a fair amount of intensive exercise every day. Intelligent and obedient, they are easily trainable and will be very loyal to their owner.

28. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Cavajack)

Happy portrait of Jack Russell Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix dog
Source: @bowser_lil_bowow / IG

The Cavajack is a small dog, typically tan and white, with long hair and ears, like the King Charles Spaniel side of this mix, but with a stockier body.

The Spaniel parent also brings a dignified, graceful side. They will be happy to sleep in the house for most of the day, provided their humans are close. 

However, the Cavajack does have a mischievous and curious streak that can come out at times, especially on walks. 

29. Kelpie Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Jackpie) 

Jack Russell Terrier Kelpie mix dog lying on a comfy bed
Source: @cocktailsandfairytales / IG

The Jack Russell Terrier Kelpie mix is a muscular and athletic dog with a thick black, tan, or white coat, long tail, and fox-like face.

This Jack Russell mix is one of the most energetic of all the crosses, with a strong desire to be worked. Alert and intelligent animals, they have a very intense prey drive.

30. Patterdale Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Patterjack) 

Happy portrait of Jack Russell Terrier Patterdale Terrier mix dog
Source: @maggie_patterjack / IG

The Jack Russell Terrier Patterdale Terrier mix, or Patterjack, is a rare crossbreed but is relatively easy to predict.

Both the Jack Russell Terrier and Patterdale Terrier are very similar in looks and appearance. They will have a small, well-proportioned body with a short tail, long muzzle, and possibly a mustache.

You are guaranteed high energy levels and an intense prey drive with this mix.

31. West Highland White Terrier Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Westie Jack)

Jack Russell Terrier West Highland White Terrier mix dog walking on the snow
Source: @romeo_thejackrussellwestie / IG

The Westie Jack is a small, fluffy dog with a white, brown, or black patchwork coat. His coat will need regular brushing to keep mats from forming.

A happy dog, the Westie Jack has a well-balanced and polite personality, making them a good fit in a family environment

32. American Eskimo Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Eskijack)

Jack Russell Terrier American Eskimo mix dog lying on the bed
Source: @remington4pawsident / IG

The Jack Russell Terrier American Eskimo mix, or Eskijack, is a small dog with a medium-length coat that can come in various colors, with white dominating.

These super cute companions are a ball of energy and need a home with a large yard where they can get up to mischief. Make sure your garden is well fenced, as Eskijacks are known to be escape artists.

33. Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Basset Jack)

Portrait of Jack Russell Terrier Basset Hound mix dog
Source: @ashl3ypv / IG

The Basset Jack is a beautiful and loving breed with professional scent-tracking skills. These dogs will love to follow their nose!

They are also alert to their surroundings and chase squirrels, mice, and birds, often baying or howling at them. They do tend to be stubborn, so they need plenty of training along with their daily exercise. 

34. Border Collie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Jack Russell Terrier mix (AKA Border Stack)

Border Collie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier mix dog portrait
Source: @dollydaydream2123 / IG

The Border Stack requires very devoted owners who can give this fun, intelligent breed the exercise and attention they crave.

They may be quick learners, but they need consistent training from firm owners as they tend to be stubborn. Alongside regular training exercise, you may want to try agility challenges with these dogs.

35. English Bulldog Jack Russell mix (AKA Bull Jack)

Young English Bulldog Jack Russell mix dog lying on his bed

The Bull Jack is an affectionate and lively dog with a fun-loving personality. They are a medium-sized dog with a robust body and short, low maintenance coat.

This pooch may adapt well to various environments, such as apartment living, but not to places with extreme weather conditions.

36. Chinese Crested Jack Russell mix (AKA China Jack)

Cute Chinese Crested Jack Russell mix dog portrait
Source: @lilmickeyw/ IG

The China Jack is a small breed that, although often takes on the white and brown colors of the Jack Russell, can sometimes be completely hairless.

Despite its size, this affectionate fido is quite active, which makes them great family pet.

37. Chinese Shar-Pei Jack Russell mix (AKA Rus-A-Pei) 

Happy portrait of Chinese Shar-Pei Jack Russell mix dog
Source: @fallon_the_rusapei / IG

The Rus-A-Pei is not a recommended breed for first-time owners. These dogs have a very independent, strong-willed nature.

Although they are challenging to train, the Rus-A-Pei can be a charming companion that gets along well with other animals in the right home. 

38. Havanese Jack Russell mix (AKA Hava-Jack) 

Havanese Jack Russell mix dog posing near the lake
Source: @alfieandhisears / IG

The Hava-Jack is a small dog with an affectionate personality. These little, cuddly companions make fantastic family pets as they get along with both children and other animals.

They become so attached to their family that they will follow you around like a shadow, wanting to go everywhere you do.

39. Miniature Pinscher Jack Russell mix (AKA Minnie Jack)

Miniature Pinscher Jack Russell mix dog standing under the sun
Source: @call_me_lil_pierre / IG

Minnie Jacks are an athletic hybrid that requires a good deal of exercise and lots of space to run and play. They are also quite vocal and protective, but they’re very low-maintenance dogs.

40. Norfolk Terrier Jack Russell mix (AKA Norjack)

Norfolk Terrier Jack Russell mix dog sitting on the field
Source: @roscis_adventures / IG

The Norjack is an intelligent dog but with a challenging streak because both parent breeds were created as independent, tenacious hunters with high energy levels.

As a result, these dogs demand a lot of attention and are at their happiest when someone is showing them love and playing with them. 

41. Silky Terrier Jack Russell mix (AKA Silky Jack) 

Silky Terrier Jack Russell mix dog lying on the table
Source: @buddykampbell / IG

The Silky Jack is a little dog with long, straight hair that can come in various colors, from cream to tan, black, brown, or more.

This long coat needs regular bathing and brushing. They have a high energy level but are relatively easy to train.

42. Smooth Fox Terrier Jack Russell mix

Smooth Fox Terrier Jack Russell mix dog lying on the mat
Source: @minotherascal / IG

The Smooth Foxy Russell is an alert and dynamic breed. This courageous canine won’t back down on any threat, even bigger dogs!

Watch out for their curious behavior, though. If they get their way, they’ll surely land themselves in trouble.

43. Wire Fox Terrier Jack Russell mix

Wire Fox Terrier Jack Russell mix dog posing in a sea view
Source: @charliejackfox / IG

Bred to hunt, the Wire Foxy Russell is a breed that needs to be the pack’s alpha and is quick to establish themselves as the dominant dog.

The good news is you can use this hybrid’s intelligence to train him and show that you’re in control.

44. German Shepherd Jack Russell mix

Badass portrait of German Shepherd Jack Russell mix dog
Source: @duke_ciszek_ / IG

The German Shepherd Jack Russell mix is a loyal and smart cross that will be an excellent guard dog.

These dogs are very easily trainable with a high energy level that can be easily focussed in a positive manner. A medium-sized breed this mix also makes an excellent family dog.

Which Jack Russell Terrier Mixes Are Your Favorite?

A Jack Russell Terrier mix is an excellent choice for active families and people with a lot of time and energy to dedicate to their dog.

They crave attention, activity, and love, and in return, you will never have a dull moment at your house.

Which of these mixed breeds is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. My favorite mix with the Jack Russell is the Boxer. They both have huge hearts that they both ware on their paws.
    Thank you
    MJ springer

  2. My puppy looks similar to various mix. He is an intelligent dog, affectionate. Playful with a lot of energy. A basset hound mix, a beagle mix, a labrador retriever. Anyway, we love him, he was found in the street, his tail was cut.

  3. I have a jack russell dog mixed with spanish water dog. She has wavy medium length light brown coat. Light eyes, brown nose and droopy ears. Very active always sniffing her surrounding and looking for stuff, very intelligent and obedient but also independent thinking. Great with kids but wary with strangers. I was hoping to find another in the Internet but with no success. My favorite breed in the panel above would be Chinese shar pei jack russell. Love the smile and that is good with other animals.


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