Beagle Mixes: 45 Different Beagle Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

With purebred Beagles ranked as the 6th most popular breed of dog in the United States, it is no surprise that a variety of Beagle mixes are also finding their way into more and more homes.

Keep reading to discover some of the most popular Beagle mixes out there, what they look like, their varied temperaments, and which one might be the perfect fit for you.

Beagle dog sitting on the nature

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What is a Beagle?

Known for their remarkable intelligence and a keen sense of smell, Beagles are often used in tracking, military, police, and search-and-rescue work.

These adorable dogs are also known for their bright and even-tempered personalities and affectionate nature.

Even though they’re the 6th most popular breed according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), their boundless energy and insatiable curiosity aren’t for everyone.

That’s where Beagle mixes come in! They help reduce or balance the high activity levels and prey drive that purebreds have.

These mixed breeds end up being the perfect companion or pet for some dog lovers out there.

Designer dogs are also known to be healthier due to hybrid vigor. Sounds too good to be true? We’ll prove all of this.

The Most Popular and Adorable Beagle Mixes

It’s undeniable that the Beagle has many fantastic qualities, so it’s no surprise that they’re a top choice in creating some of the unbelievable yet wonderful designer dogs in the canine world.

Check out these Beagle mixes that show they can give their humans the best of both worlds!

1. Pug and Beagle mix (AKA Puggle)

Adorable Pug and Beagle mix puppy
Image source

Also called Peagle or Buggle, the cute Beagle-Pug mix boasts a wrinkly face and floppy ears that you’ll just love to smush and kiss!

They’re friendly, sociable, and affectionate canines that can get along with humans and other dogs. Watch out, though.

This hybrid is a barker and quite mule-headed. It won’t think twice about using its charm to get whatever its stubborn little heart desires.

2. Labrador and Beagle mix (AKA Beagador)

Beagle Lab mixes are medium-sized dogs that have the Labrador’s built and short coat, but it now comes in more shades, including tri-color.

They’re a fitting pet for all families, thanks to the loving personality of the Beagle and Labrador Retriever.

They exude courage and confidence, making them one of the best watchdogs that are ready to protect their humans.

3. English Bulldog and Beagle mix (AKA Beabull)

English Bulldog and Beagle mix dog sitting on the carpet
Source: @zeus_thebeabull / IG

Beabulls may not sound like actual dogs, but just looking at those droopy ears, underbite, and wrinkly skin can give a hint of who their purebred parents are.

English Bulldog & Beagle crosses are known for their patience and friendly characteristics. If you have kids and other pets, this is one pooch you want to consider adding to your family.

Their energetic and playful trait means they’re mostly recommended for active owners. Just don’t leave them alone for too long or they can get destructive, especially if not trained.

4. German Shorthaired Pointer and Beagle mix (AKA Boingle)

Pointer Beagle mix
Source: @demdogs_dogwalking / IG

Calling all hunters looking for a hunting companion! The Beagle Pointer mix might just be the dog you’re looking for.

They have the intense hunting instincts of both dogs, so they’re best for experienced and active owners who can provide the training and exercise this fido needs.

Since Beagles are very vocal doggos, this large mixed breed is also a barker. You don’t have allergies, right? Oh goody! Boingles are moderate shedders and come in many colors – you’ll love them!

5. Chihuahua and Beagle mix (AKA Cheagle)

Beagle Chihuahua mixes, also known as Beagle Chi, Chi-Bea, and Chibeagle, boasts a big personality in a compact package.

Chihuahua and Beagle mix dog portrait

Though they’re too small for field activities like search-and-rescue, they have plenty of energy.

Without enough exercise, a Cheagle can quickly develop undesirable behaviors, like barking and jumping. And just like other Chihuahua mixes, this designer dog wouldn’t be suitable for households with little children.

6. Dachshund and Beagle mix (AKA Doxle)

Dachshund and Beagle mix dog lying on his bed
Source: @_lillythedoggo / IG

Also called Beaschund, the Beagle-Dachshund mix has a one-of-a-kind appearance. We can thank Doxies for their long body and big, brown, irresistible eyes that add to their cuteness.

Doxles are known for their vibrant 

Boasting a one-of-a-kind appearance, this small Beagle mix has floppy ears, a long body with an extended muzzle, and big, brown irresistible eyes.

The coat of the Doxle can come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Beagle Dachshund mix is known for its vibrant personality. They get along well with children and are quick to form unbreakable bonds with family members.

This leads to them being pretty protective and territorial, which needs to be watched but does make this crossbreed an excellent guard dog

7. Bluetick Coonhound and Beagle mix (AKA Bluetick Beagle)

Bluetick Beagle mix dog lying and panting
Source: @mollybeaglegirl / IG

The Bluetick Beagle may just be one of the most unique out there. This crossbreed sports a uniquely colored coat, combining the Bluetick Coonhound’s blue or grey speckled look with the Beagle’s red/tan or tri-coloring.

This compact breed has a muscular, lean body that is built for exercise.

As both parent breeds are in the hound group of dogs, this crossbreed will have an excellent sense of smell and have unmatched tracking abilities. 

8. Boston Terrier and Beagle mix (AKA Boglen Terrier)

Beagle Boston Terrier mix dog sitting and panting under the sun
Source: @tarotheboglen / IG

The Boglen Terrier is a fantastic family pet that is good with both kids and other pets.

Although boasting an affectionate and loyal nature, the Boston Terrier parent does give this mix a bit of a bolder personality than a purebred Beagle

The Beagle Boston Terrier dogs can have a stubborn streak and are known to be overly protective, even leading to aggression, when it comes to those they love.

The good thing is that this intelligent breed is easily trained and loves to please, always wanting to show off any new tricks they have learned.

9. Husky and Beagle mix (AKA Beaski)

Beagle Husky mix dog standing on the field
Source: @beaucabo / IG

The Beagle Husky mix is a medium to large size dog that can reach a weight of 60 pounds (27 kg). This crossbreed will likely have the face and blue eyes of the Siberian Husky parent, paired with the Beagle’s floppy ears.

As one of the most energetic Beagle mixes, the Beaski requires lots of exercise and space to run around. 

A naturally curious breed, the Beaski is not for first-time dog owners due to being a real handful and will need to be kept on a leash while enjoying daily walks.

At home, they are surprisingly friendly and approachable, showing complete devotion to their owners. If you have cats at home, do not get this Beagle mix as they do not get along well with felines. 

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Beagle mix (AKA Beaglier)

Beagle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @lily.the.beaglier / IG

The Beaglier is a playful pup that is also extremely loyal, gentle, and affectionate. This sweet dog will never want to leave your side, craving oodles of love.

That said, this Beagle mix still does need quite a bit of exercise, and their outgoing nature means they love a good playtime.

Boasting adorable good looks, the Beagle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is cute and compact with a short shiny coat that comes in a wide range of colors. 

11. Corgi and Beagle mix (AKA Beagi or Corgeagle)

Beagle Corgi mix dog posing on the beach
Source: @beachin_biji / IG

The Beagle Corgi mix is a short and stocky dog with the stubby legs of the Corgi parent, making this crossbreed sit very low to the ground.

The Beagi has an affectionate, loyal, and caring personality. This breed is sure to form lifelong bonds with all family members, including children and other pets.

However, this Beagle mix can get a bit overprotective and jealous when meeting strange people and pets.

12. Basset Hound and Beagle mix (AKA Bagle Hound) 

Beagle Basset mix dog wearing a vest
Source: @ollieandluna.p / IG

The Beagle Basset Hound mix has the long ears that the Basset Hound is famous for but is not as low slung as this parent, tending to display the Beagle’s longer legs.

With both parent breeds known for their sense of smell, this hybrid dog breed might just have one of the best noses in the animal kingdom. 

However, unlike the purebred Beagle, the Bagle Hound isn’t always on the go, and bursts of energy are often followed by lazy periods of lounging around.

This dog loves to be around people and is a fantastic companion for children, also getting along well with other pets. 

13. Pitbull and Beagle mix (AKA Beaglebull or Beagle Pit

Beagle Pit Bull mix dog portrait
Source: @beaglebull.bandit / IG

Also known as a Buggle, this crossbreed stands about 20 inches (58 cm) in height with a weight of up to 40 pounds (18 kg).

The Beaglebull will look mainly like a Pit Bull while having the Beagle parent’s coloring and facial features. 

The Beagle Pit Bull mix is an energetic crossbreed and will love games like fetch and tug of war.

However, without the right training and nurturing, this excess energy can display destructive tendencies, such as digging, howling, and barking. 

14. Boxer and Beagle mix (AKA Boggle)

Beagle Boxer mix dog sitting on the nature
Source: @heart.and.honor / IG

The Beagle Boxer mix is a very athletic dog with a strong frame. The body of this dog will likely look more like the Boxer with the Beagle’s long ears.

The Boxer’s calmness will help ground the Beagle’s energetic nature while also providing a sense of bravery. The Boggle dog will also be fiercely loyal.

This high energy level, which works well for active families, is matched by a playful personality

15. Poodle and Beagle mix (AKA Poogle or Beagapoo)

Poodle Beagle mix dog licking its nose
Source: @walter.thewise / IG

The Beagapoo can vary in size depending on the type of Poodle, but with a standard Poodle parent, you can expect a medium-sized mix.

While it is likely that your Poodle Beagle mix will have the curly, hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle parent, you could also end up with a dog that sheds and has a smoother coat, such as the Beagle. 

No matter what your Poodle Beagle mix looks like, you can be assured that this widely popular Beagle mix will be smart.

With Poodles being one breed of dogs known for their intelligence, this intelligent pup can easily outwit owners, getting into trouble.

However, this also means they pick up on tricks quickly, and their eagerness to please means they always want to show off.

Thriving on human interaction, the Poodle Beagle mix is also extremely playful and loyal.

16. German Shepherd and Beagle mix (AKA Beagle Shepherds)

Beagle and German Shepherd mix dog portrait

Beagles and German Shepherds are two highly intelligent, driven working dogs.

This German Shepherd mix is a popular choice amongst law enforcement officials while also making excellent watchdogs because of their protective, courageous instincts. 

These smart dogs are also incredibly faithful and loyal, but they will require plenty of mental and physical stimulation as an energetic crossbreed

17. Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle mix (AKA Jackabee)

Beagle Jack Russell Terrier mix dog standing on the rock
Source: @luna_loves_laps / IG

The Beagle Jack Russell Terrier mix has a super cute appearance with a multi-colored coat, floppy ears, and large eyes. The face is more typical of a Beagle with a body more similar to that of the Jack Russell Terrier. 

Just as fun as they are adorable, the Jackabee displays the spunky, energetic, and playful natures of both parent breeds. This curiosity is matched by an intelligent mind.

18. Australian Shepherd and Beagle mix (AKA Aussie Beagle)

Happy Beagle Australian Shepherd mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @carl.and.tink / IG

Cross a Beagle with an Australian Shepherd, and you will get a medium-sized crossbreed that stands between 13 to 20 inches (33 to 50 cm) tall and weighs in at about 60 pounds (27 kg).

This mix can come in various colors from black, tan, and brown to red, white, or blue. You will likely even find a combination of these colors on the same dog.

The Aussie Beagle will be an active breed who is highly intelligent, making this crossbreed an excellent show dog.

19. Border Collie and Beagle mix (AKA Border Beagle)

Beagle Border Collie mix dog sitting on the table
Source: @thewhiskeytwins / IG

Also known as a Border Beagle the Beagle Border Collie mix combines both of its working parents’ best skills. This Beagle mix will likely have both excellent herding and tracking abilities.

These skills make this breed a fantastic choice for new parents who need an extra babysitter on hand now and again.

20. Rat Terrier and Beagle mix (AKA Raggle)

Beagle Rat Terrier mix dog portrait
Source: @relishtoronto / IG

Small but mighty, the Beagle Rat Terrier mix will pack a punch for such a little dog with a high energy level.

They say dynamite comes in small packages, and this Beagle mix can be quite a handful with the intense hunting and prey drive inherited from both parent breeds.

This breed also tends to get aggressive around other dogs and pets.

21. Cocker Spaniel and Beagle mix (AKA Beagle Spaniel)

Beagle Cocker Spaniel mix dog portrait
Source: / IG

Boasting a muscular build that is surprisingly strong, the Bocker is a versatile dog that can be used in hunting or as a show dog, due to their long Spaniel-like coat and coloring. 

As an intelligent breed that trains quickly and loves to cuddle, the Beagle Cocker Spaniel dog also makes a great companion for seniors, older families, or people who live in smaller homes.

This versatile breed is also known for their affection and will get along well with all family members, including other dogs and even cats. 

The Beagle Spaniel also makes a good watchdog, thanks to their natural territorial instincts.

22. Rottweiler and Beagle mix (AKA Reagles)

Portrait of Rottweiler Beagle mix dog in the forest
Source: @reaglevalentino / IG

The Rottweiler side of this Beagle mix will bring a good deal of size and heaviness to this crossbreed.

Like the Rottweiler parent breed, the Reagle will be a highly devoted dog, getting along well with kids. Just watch them around smaller children who they could unintentionally hurt or knock over. 

You can also expect the energetic Rottweiler Beagle mix to enjoy clowning around, including chasing squirrels and other smaller pets. 

23. Golden Retriever and Beagle mix (AKA Beago)

Beagle Golden Retriever mix dog sitting outside
Source: @ty_goldenretriever_beagle_x / IG

The Beagle Golden Retriever mix is a cross of two of the most popular dog breeds.

A medium-sized hybrid dog, the Beagle won’t always have the yellow coat of the Golden Retriever and could be a mix of several different colors. 

The Beago will have the easy-going nature of the Golden Retriever, and this loyalty makes the Beago a favorite among families.

This breed will also want to work and use their brainpower, so a good deal of training and exercise is required. The Beagle Retriever mix will also love to eat, so always be sure to keep an eye on their diet to avoid obesity. 

24. Miniature Pinscher and Beagle mix (AKA Meagle)

Beagle Miniature Pinscher mix dog lying on his bed
Source: @theimportanceofbeingernesth / IG

The Meagle is an intelligent, playful crossbreed, known for their work ethic and bravery.

However, the Beagle Miniature Pinscher mix can be impatient with young children and thus is best suited to older families or couples. 

25. Whippet and Beagle mix (AKA Whippet Beagle)

Whippet Beagle mix dog chewing its leash
Source: @finleysdoglife / IG

The Whippet Beagle mix is the puppy of two parent dogs who have a solid prey drive and will love to follow their noses.

This active breed will love to run and need to be kept on the leash when out for a walk as their natural curiosity does tend to land them in trouble. 

That said, this lean breed exudes a positive vibe, and their friendly, outgoing natures mean they quickly form close bonds with their owners. 

26. American Foxhound and Beagle mix (AKA American Foxeagle)

Beagle American Foxhound mix dog portrait
Source: @mike_mac75 / IG

The American Foxeagle will have the coloring and face of the Beagle parent and an American Foxhound body, sort of like a Beagle with longer legs.

Both parent breeds have fantastic noses, and the Beagle American Foxhound mix breed is excellent at hunting and detection tasks, always willing to please.

As a curious and active crossbreed, the Beagle Foxhound mix will want to partake in all your daily activities and requires lots of daily exercise.

Be careful of this dog around smaller pets as they may tend to hunt them down. 

27. Doberman and Beagle mix (AKA Beagleman)

Beagle Doberman mix dog sitting on the grass
Source: @emilyonfire / IG

A highly adaptable and smart dog, the medium-sized Beagle Doberman mix will be a vigilant dog with a strong protective instinct.

This makes the Beagleman a fantastic guard dog, although they can be quite vocal and even aggressive towards other animals and strangers.

Another good thing about this breed is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance or grooming with a smooth coat, long tail, and floppy ears.

28. Bichon Frise and Beagle mix (AKA Glechon)

Sad Beagle Bichon Frise mix dog portrait

A small to medium-sized crossbreed, the Glechon’s coat can come in various forms, either being short and wiry or long and wavy. This cute cross has a gentle, easy-going nature making them the perfect companion. 

However, as a very versatile breed, the Beagle Bichon Frise mix is also well suited to a range of tasks, including being a watchdog, performing search and rescue, or even doing agility.

29. Shih Tzu and Beagle mix (AKA Bea-Tzu)

Beagle Shih Tzu mix dog portrait
Source: @bagel_the_beatzu / IG

Cross a Beagle with a Shih Tzu, and you will end up with a graceful and elegant little dog with a warm and loving personality.

Their compassionate natures make the Bea-Tzu the ideal friend for small families and single people, and this breed is sure to stick to their owners like glue.

These dogs also tend to be protective, which can make them good watchdogs.

30. Pomeranian and Beagle mix (AKA Pomeagle or Beagle Pom)

Little Beagle Pomeranian mix dog portrait
Source: @dogstartrio / IG

The Beagle Pomeranian mix is a great companion dog that is well suited to apartment living due to its small size. 

These dogs are also highly intelligent, although they can be stubborn at times, needing oodles of training to ensure their curious streak doesn’t get the better of them.

That said, given the proper attention and love, the Pomeagle is sure to shower you with affection.

31. French Bulldog and Beagle mix (AKA Frengle)

Beagle French Bulldog mix dog posing in the flower garden
Source: @cocothefreagle / IG

Incredibly cute, the Beagle French Bulldog mix features big eyes, floppy ears, and a sturdy, muscular body. Due to their adorable looks, the Frengle is a widely popular crossbreed.

However, their cute appearance is also matched by a loveable personality. These playful and cheerful dogs love to entertain and get along well with older children and pets.

32. Treeing Walker Coonhound and Beagle mix (AKA Walker Beagle)

Walker Coonhound Beagle mix dog lying on the couch
Source: @socialandstudies / IG

Mix two incredible hunting dogs, and what you get is a great pack animal that thrives well in social environments.

The Treeing Walker Coonhound Beagle mix is known for its super-friendly nature, adapting just as well to family life as they do to working in the field. They are very affectionate and good with kids as well as other pets. 

33. Basenji and Beagle mix (AKA Baseagle)

Bored Beagle Basenji mix dog lying on the couch

The Baseagle is a unique Beagle mix due to the contrasting personalities of the parent breeds.

Basenji dogs are known for their quiet natures, and as a result, the Baseagle will be a calm, quiet dog, with a bit more of the Beagle breed’s vocal side.

The Beagle Basenji mix will also be a skilled hunter but with an affectionate and loyal side as well. 

34. Miniature Schnauzer and Beagle mix (AKA Schneagle)

Beagle Miniature Schnauzer mix dog portrait
Source: @schneagle / IG

This hybrid dog breed is a small dog that typically doesn’t weigh more than 25 pounds (11 kg).

The Schneagle typically takes on the Miniature Schnauzer breed’s coat, meaning if you want a Beagle that is hypoallergenic, then this might be the right fit for you.

Beagle Miniature Schnauzer mixes are also incredibly loyal and affectionate and will want to go everywhere you do.

35. Great Dane and Beagle mix (AKA Great Dangle)

Great Dane Beagle mix dog chillin on the hammock
Source: @rhea_ash_evee / IG

Not your typical crossbreed, the Great Dane Beagle mix can be hard to come by because the sheer size difference between these two breeds makes breeding a challenge.

Suppose you are lucky enough to find one; however, you will be rewarded with a lovely, gentle, and loving dog.

However, this breed has a high energy level and will love nothing more than to play with you all day.

36. Great Pyrenees and Beagle mix (AKA Great Beaglerenees)

Beagle Great Pyrenees mix dog posing in the woods
Source: @truckdoggirl / IG

A scarce Beagle mix, the Great Beaglerenees can get as big as its giant Great Pyrenees parent and thus is best suited to large family homes with a yard, or even farm style living.

The coat color of the Beagle Great Pyrenees can vary, typically being either white with brown or black patches or a solid tan or white color.

This breed is often soft natured, making for calm family dogs.

37. Italian Greyhound and Beagle mix (AKA Italian Greagle)

Beagle Italian Greyhound mix dog having fun on the mountain
Source: @ the_mouse_and_the_bear / IG

Cross a Beagle with an Italian Greyhound, and you will get a small to a medium-sized dog that is very smart and very loyal.

Both parent dogs are known for their strong prey drive, and thus this crossbreed will be a great hunter, combining the Beagle’s sense of smell with the Greyhound’s exceptional sight.

While they can be a handful at times, the Italian Greagle is a sweet dog who will do anything for his owner.

38. Sharp Eagle

Beagle Shar Pei mix dog portrait
Source: @yo.toki_ / IG

The adorable Sharp Eagle is a small mixed breed that can come in a variety of different colors. These dogs typically have a slick, smooth coat that needs weekly grooming

Not as energetic as the Beagle, this hybrid dog breed will need a daily walk and some playtime but won’t be quite as unruly as the scent driven Beagle can be.

However, early training will be necessary with this Beagle mix as they are known to display dominance at times.

39. Dalmatian and Beagle mix (AKA Beaglemation)

Happy Beagle Dalmatian mix dog portrait
Source: @ simplybrittneyy / IG

The sweet and sensitive Beaglemation is a medium to a large-sized dog dotted with the Dalmatian parent’s spots. As skittish dogs, this Beagle mix can be timid and afraid, especially when reprimanded.

However, show this dog lots of love and attention, and they will show their loveable, playful side in return, making them a good choice for homes with children

Do be warned, the intense prey-drive and protective nature of the Beagle Dalmatian mix can prove problematic around smaller pets.

40. Yorkshire Terrier and Beagle mix (AKA Borkie)

Cute Beagle Yorkshire Terrier mix puppy
Source: @romeo.borkie / IG

The small Borkie looks like a Yorkshire Terrier when it comes to coat and eyes, but with the Beagle’s floppy ears and a muscular, sturdy body.

The Yorkie side of this dog will help to negate some of the Beagle’s strong hunting instincts, resulting in a playful pup. However, as Borkies aren’t very patient, they are not recommended for families with young kids.

Also, as the puppy of two very vocal parent breeds, the Yorkie Beagle mix is known to yap and bark all day.

41. Brittany Spaniel and Beagle mix (AKA Brittany Beagle)

Beagle Brittany Spaniel mix dog portrait
Source: @kelthespeagle / IG

The Brittany Beagle is the cross of two excellent hunting dogs and, as a result, has a very high energy level and a strong prey drive.

Their upbeat personalities are at the best when they are at the center of attention and getting the human interaction they crave. 

The Beagle Brittany Spaniel mix breed needs to partake in all your daily activities and requires owners who are willing to dedicate lots of time and energy.

You might also find this pack dog is also incredibly vocal, even when not out hunting. 

42. Maltese and Beagle mix (AKA Malteagle)

Beagle Maltese mix dog portrait

An adorable bundle of fluffy cuteness, the Malteagle features the long coat of the Maltese and will require regular trips to the parlor.

This Beagle Maltese mix is the perfect cuddle companion with a gentle nature that makes them the ideal lap dog for children and older folk. 

A playful, fun side matches their good looks and sweet natures. However, with an innate stubbornness, the Malteagle can be tricky to train and requires a patient owner.

43. Shiba Inu and Beagle mix (AKA Shi-Beagle)

Beagle and Shiba Inu mix dog lying on the vegetated spot
Source: @dcshibea / IG

With both the Beagle and Shiba Inu bred for tracking purposes, this crossbreed is an extraordinary hunting dog. Independent and highly adaptable, they can live in a variety of environments, from farms to apartments.

When not in the field, the Shi-Beagle will be loving and affectionate, developing strong bonds with humans. They can also be excellent watchdogs due to the alert nature of the Shiba Inu.

44. Pekingese and Beagle mix (AKA Peagle)

Happy Beagle Pekingese mix dog portrait
Source: @puppymoneynyc / IG

The small Beagle Pekingese mix will be an independent dog with a playful, fun side.

However, with a severe lack of patience, the Pekingese’s stubborn side can occasionally display, making them less than ideal pets for families with small children.

That said, give the Peagle the right home, and you will be rewarded with a very loving and sweet dog. 

45. Mastiff and Beagle mix (AKA Beastiff)

Beagle Mastiff mix dog portrait

The Beastiff is a rare, colossal Beagle mix. Due to the parent breeds’ highly energetic natures and boisterous personalities, a good deal of training and socialization will be required for the Beagle Mastiff mix.

You will also need to take care when walking this crossbreed as they can tend to wander off. 

Which Beagle Mixes are Your Favorites?

Which of the many Beagle mixes mentioned above do you love the most? Do you have a Beagle mix we haven’t heard of yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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