Why the Boston Terrier Pug mix will make you happy

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Looking for a compact pooch with some flare? Look no further!

A cute Boston Terrier Pug mix puppy laying on the floor

Also known as Pugin, Boston Terrier Pug, Bug/Bugg, the Boston Terrier Pug mix comes from two classic breeds with fascinating histories and qualities, resulting in a crossbreed that’s equal parts rowdy and relaxed.

You could have a lot of fun with this crossbreed, but is it right for you? Keep reading to find out!

Getting to know the Bugg dog

Designer breeding isn’t a new concept, but some of the resulting hybrids are. The Boston Terrier Pug mix is one such crossbreed that’s just getting its start.

Most of their backstory is a mystery, but it seems that these pups first came on the scene in North America during the 1980s.

For us to know this designer dog better, let’s dive in and learn more about its parent breeds!

Boston Terriers, the American Gentlemen

Boston Terrier laying on the floor while looking at the camera
Meet the Boston Terrier

Did you know that nearly all purebred Boston Terriers are descended from one common ancestor? His name was Judge, and he’s the pup who started it all.

The popularity of pit fighting in England during the 19th century played a huge role in creating athletic, fiery mixed breeds. One such cross resulted in Judge.

After changing hands a few times, Judge landed in Boston with a man named Robert C. Hooper. He bred Judge to launch the spunky and affectionate Boston Terrier bloodline that’s so well-loved today.

Meet the Pug, one of the world’s oldest breeds

A full-grown Pug spending time outdoors
Meet the Pug

Roughly 2000 years ago, tiny, flat-muzzled canines were all the rage among China’s royal class. Among these treasured companions was the Pug.

Fast forward to the 1500s. The Dutch traders brought Pugs back to Europe with them. First admired for their novelty, the breed solidified its place with European nobility after a Pug alerted the Prince of Orange of an impending attack.

From that moment on, the breed has brought joyful companionship to dog lovers all over the world.

What does a Boston Terrier Pug mix look like?

You may have heard that it’s easier to predict a Bugg dog’s appearance than other crossbreeds. Though, the truth is that there can always be a good bit of variation with hybrid dogs.

Meet Luna, the Boston Terrier Pug mix
Source: @lunathepiranha / IG

This pooch, for example, could be any combination of brown, black, white, brindle, and fawn. They may have a tuxedo pattern like the Boston Terrier or could be one solid color.

Even their ears are unpredictable. Bug dogs may have floppy ears that fold or drape their heads, or their ears may stand straight up.

It’s a surprise with every pup!

What is guaranteed, however, is that your fido will have the perfect face to beg for belly rubs.

Just picture your Pug-Boston Terrier cross gazing up at you with their sweet, round eyes that bulge just slightly from their short-snouted faces. How could you resist?

How big does a Boston Terrier Pug mix get?

Full-grown Boston Terrier Pug mixes usually stand 10 to 17 inches (25 to 43 cm) tall and weigh 15 to 25 pounds (7 to 11 kg).

Good news for commuting city-dwellers! Bugg dogs are the ideal size for lounging on your lap in your studio – or fitting into a bag so they can ride the metro with you.

What personality will your Boston Terrier Pug mix have?

With a friendly disposition, Bugg dogs are optimal pets for a variety of dog lovers. Novice owners, seniors, singles–you name it!

These canines soak up attention like cuddly, four-legged sponges. As long as you can shower them with love and companionship, they’ll be happy. Check out this video of a little Boston Terrier Pug mix puppy hamming it up and pulling out all the stops at playtime!

Be advised, though, that without frequent attention, your Pugin may experience separation anxiety. They’ll do best in a household where someone is home most of the day, especially if that person loves doggie snuggles.

Even families with children will enjoy adding a Bugg dog to the pack. But remember: adult supervision is required. Because of this crossbreed’s size, they might get hurt if play gets too rough.

Boston Terrier Pug mixes can be pretty good with other pets, too. With early and continued socialization, most Buggs will respond well to other dogs (or at least tolerate them). Most–but not all.

They can lean towards dog aggression, especially if they aren’t shown how to interact appropriately from a young age.

If you’re a multi-pet household or want to be in the future, try to find a Boston Terrier Pug that’s been raised with other pups and make frequent socialization part of your pup’s routine.

Keep in mind that Buggs can become territorial around other canines, which also applies to humans. This jealous behavior may seem endearing, but it should be discouraged.

If allowed to continue, your sweet, lovable pup could develop potentially dangerous habits. And what’s the best way to snuff out bad habits? Good training!

Caring for your Boston Terrier Pug mix

All dogs need a little TLC to be at their best. And when we say the Pugin only needs a little, we mean it.

Compared to other breeds, this hybrid is an easy keep. So just what will their maintenance look like?

Boston Terrier Pug mixes sharing a fancy dog bed
Source: @furgremlins / IG

What’s the best grooming schedule for a Bugg dog?

Boston Terrier Pug mixes require some daily maintenance, with the most time-consuming tasks only needing to be done weekly or monthly.

If your Pugin has skin folds, check them every day to make sure they’re clean and dry. Moisture and dirt buildup can lead to irritation or infection, and no one wants that.

Plan on brushing Fido’s teeth once a day, too. Buggs are prone to dental issues, so don’t skip this part of their beauty routine. And while you’re at it, take a look at your pup’s ears for debris or signs of pests.

As Boston Terrier Pug mixes are moderate shedders, you can get away with a weekly brush. Bathe them even less frequently, only when they’re exceptionally filthy.

The best diet for a Boston Terrier Pug

Your Bugg wouldn’t like us telling you this, but this crossbreed has a reputation for gluttony and sloth. They love snacks and naps (don’t we all?) and thus are at risk for weight gain.

To keep their appetites in check, feed them between ¾ – 1.5 cups of high-quality dry kibble daily. Consider implementing a feeding schedule to keep the right amount of yummies in your puppy’s tummy. This means limiting treats and feeding Fido at the same times each day.

You can help your doggo eat at a slower pace while promoting proper digestion by serving your pet’s meals on a slow feeder.

As far as what type of food is best, dry dog food formulated for age, size, and activity is usually a safe bet. Chat with your vet about their specific recommendations, though.

How much exercise does a Bugg need?

While Boston Terriers can be energetic, Pugs tend to be lazier by comparison. Still, enthusiastic Pugins don’t require much activity. A daily half-hour walk plus a little playtime is plenty of exercise for this hybrid.

Buggs usually expel their energy in spurts. You’ll see them zooming around the living room for a few minutes and then snoozing away for a few hours.

Notice how this fast fella runs like the wind before pausing for a relaxing sprawl in the grass. Just look at those little legs go!

Fresh, clean water should always be at the ready. This is incredibly important for flat-muzzled breeds, as they aren’t built for strenuous or prolonged activity. Take care not to overexert your Boston Terrier Pug, especially if you live in a hot or humid environment.

Warm weather can exacerbate breathing issues, so keep outdoor exercise to a minimum in the summer. You’ll also need to apply sunscreen to your pup’s skin, especially on sensitive areas like the ears.

Bugg dogs need extra attention in the winter, too. When temperatures dip, a warm coat can keep Fido comfortable on walks.

And remember: icy sidewalks can do just as much damage to dogs’ paws as scorching pavement. In both weather extremes, walk on the grass when possible. If you live in an urban area, consider booties or paw wax to keep your pooch’s toe beans protected.

How long do Boston Terrier Pug mixes live?

We told you Bugg dogs love their families, and they’ll stick by them for years — an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

This long life expectancy is an indication of the crossbreed’s overall health. Fortunately for your pockets and heartstrings, Boston Terrier Pug mixes typically don’t face many health problems outside of the norm.

Some common conditions to look out for are:

  • Brachycephalic syndrome (fancy talk for breathing issues caused by short muzzles)
  • Eye issues (like cataracts and infection or injury related to bulging)
  • Patellar luxation
  • Weight gain
  • Dental issues
  • Dermatitis 

It can be concerning to learn what medical issues could plague your beloved dog. Many of these can be prevented or alleviated with proper care, however.

Seeing your vet at least once a year, exercising your dog regularly, and feeding them the right amount of food can all go a long way in preserving their health and quality of life.

Where can you buy Bugg puppies?

Blue-eyed Pug Boston Terrier cross on a leash
Source: @rocky.blueyedfrug / IG

Deciding what type of dog you want is just half the battle. Finding a well-respected breeder, kennel, or rescue is the other (sometimes daunting) part of the journey. As you start searching for your Boston Terrier Pug puppy, expect prices to range from $575 to $1600.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that this crossbreed is relatively uncommon. Bugg dog breeders and kennels are few and far between. It can take a long time for new breeds to catch on, after all.

Boston Terrier Pug mix breeders & rescues

If you can’t easily find Bugg puppies for sale near you, make use of your social network. Put the word out that you’re looking for a Boston Terrier Pug mix. You never know who knows a good breeder!

Likewise, you can contact purebred Boston Terrier and Pug kennels. They might have leads on mixed litters.

All is not lost, though! We found the Professional Boxers ETC, which is located in Maine.

But your best bet is a rescue. You can check with your local shelter if they have any Pug-Boston Terrier crosses, or check out specific rescues for Boston Terriers and Pugs that also take in their mixes:

  1. Pug Rescue and Sanctuary (Owasso, OK)
  2. Pug Rescue of North Carolina (Virginia Beach, VA)
  3. MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Inc. (Omaha, NE)
  4. Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)

Will the Boston Terrier Pug mix join your ranks?

Boston Terrier & Pug mix smiling at its owner while at puppy day care
Source: @bookerthebugg / IG

The Boston Terrier Pug mix combines sass and spunk with a sweet-natured charm. This hybrid pup loves to be loved.

But one dog owner’s “affectionate” is another’s “clingy.” Before you invest in one of these pooches, make sure you’re prepared to shower your Bugg dog with mounds of attention.

Are you looking for a 24/7 companion like the Boston Terrier Pug mix? Tell us in the comments!


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