Lab Terrier Mixes: Which Dog is the Perfect Pet for You?

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Take any of the Terrier breeds then mix them with a Labrador Retriever, and you’ll end up with a unique crossbreed that has some of their best qualities.

Keep reading to discover more about the different types of Lab Terrier mixes and what you can expect when it comes to their looks, temperament, and health.

Lab Terrier mix in a floral background

History of the Lab Terrier mix

With the difference between every purebred dog, it’s surprising that different Labrador Terrier mixes are quite common.

So if you enjoy the unexpected, determining how crossbreeds turn out will be tricky yet exciting.

While each Terrier Lab mix can inherit the appearance and personality of its parents, with so many types of Terriers, each one is bound to be unique.

Meet the Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever in the brushland
Source: @teamworkinglabs / IG

Simply known as the Lab, Labradors are the most popular breed in the US because of their sweet-nature, intelligence, and friendliness, making them an excellent choice for families.

As people-pleasers, Labs enjoy being with their human, and that includes work. Whether it’s with law enforcement, search-and-rescue, or as service dogs.

Before all this, they were already helping fishermen retrieve their catch or tools in Newfoundland, Canada.

Besides being energetic, Labrador Retrievers have thick, short coats that are weather-resistant, and only come in three colors – yellow, black, and chocolate.

The different Terrier breeds

There are many canines belonging to the Terrier Group. Some of the most popular are:

  • Fox Terrier
  • Rat Terrier
  • Border Terrier
  • Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Terrier

Most of them have ancestry that traces back to the United Kingdom where they were typically used in the herding of livestock and to control vermin populations.

Due to different varieties, they’re classified according to size and purpose, such as hunting. Some can weigh as little as 3 pounds (1.5 kg), while others can get as heavy as 50 pounds (22 kg).

Regardless of how small or big they are, Terriers are spirited dogs with bold personalities and fearless natures. And because of their past, it’s very unlikely for them to back down.

They also tend to love barking, digging, and playing.

Just like any dog who gets early and proper training, they can be a great addition to any household.

Popular Lab Terrier mixes

There are about 30 Terrier breeds out there, the possibilities for creating a Lab Terrier mix are also endless!

Since we already introduced the Labrador Retriever parent, let’s meet the most common Terriers they are crossed with to get an idea of what their hybrid offspring will be like.

Lab Rat Terrier mix

Rat Terrier Lab mix puppy
Source: @iwalktheline21 / IG

How will the Rat Terrier Lab mix turn out? Well, Rat Terriers are excellent companion pets because they’re always ready for an adventure.

Despite their size – 13 to 18 inches (33 to 46 cm) in height and 10 to 25 pounds (4.5 to 11 kg) in weight – they’re highly active and aren’t purse dogs.

They love to please their person so they should never be left alone. They’ll do well with consistent training and socialization.

The Rat Terrier has a lean body that’s covered in a dual-colored coat that’s short that sheds seasonally. You can find them in shades of black, red, apricot, blue, and tan, sometimes, with a combination of white.

Lab Jack Russell Terrier mix

Jack Russell Terrier Lab mix portrait
Source: @northernnellie / IG

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small athletic dog that is around 10 to 12 inches tall (25 and 30 cm) and weighs between 13 and 17 pounds (6 and 8 kg).

Although small Jack Russells are known for their high-energy levels. These quick and determined dogs will keep you playing all day! 

A Jack Russell crossed with a Labrador Retriever is known as a Jackador.

Lab American Staffordshire Terrier mix

American Staffordshire Terrier Lab mix portrait
Source: @ohhappywes / IG

Similar to Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers are known for their guarding instincts and muscular, sturdy bodies.

These dogs require assured owners who know how to socialize them properly, especially around children and strangers.

These intelligent and self-assured dogs are used in search and rescue and are known to also excel at dog sports and agility. 

They typically stand between 17 and 19 inches (43 and 48 cm) tall and have a short, easy-to-maintain coat.

During their 12 to 15-year lifespan, there are a few health issues you need to be aware of including skin allergies, heart disease, and hip dysplasia. 

An American Staffordshire Terrier Lab mix is also known as a Labrastaff or Staffador.

Lab Bull Terrier mix

Bull Terrier Lab mix portrait

The Bull Terrier is a medium to large-sized breed standing at 21 to 22 inches (53 to 58 cm) in height and weighing between 50 and 70 pounds (22 and 32 kg).

They have a short low-maintenance coat that comes in a variety of colors. 

Typically living between 12 and 13 years, health concerns with this breed include patella luxation, heart murmurs, and congenital deafness.

This is a lively breed that is loyal to its humans but is often not great with other dogs. They need lots of stimulation, management, and training in order to avoid unwanted and destructive behaviors. 

Lab Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lab mix sitting on the grass
Source: @mason_the_staffador / IG

Not to be confused with the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a solid, heavy, and strong dog that stands around 14 to 16 inches (36 to 40 cm) tall and weighs up to 38 pounds (17kg).

This breed has a lifespan of around 12 to 14 years.

These dogs have a short low-maintenance coat and they come in a range that includes around fourteen different colors. 

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a lively breed that will require a lot of exercises. They do have a stubborn streak so training may need an issue but if socialized early they can be great family companions. 

A mix of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Labrador Retriever will likely look very similar to a Labrador but slightly shorter and stockier. 

Lab Border Terrier mix

Border Terrier Lab mix lying on the floor
Source: @xshadowangel88x / IG

The Border Terrier stands between 11 and 16 inches (35 and 40cm) tall and weighs between 14 and 16 pounds (6 and 7 kg).

These relatively healthy dogs have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years, although they are known to be prone to allergies. 

They have a wiry short coat that is typical of terriers and come in a dual-color including blue and tan or tan and grizzle. 

These cheerful dogs have a good work ethic and need lots of exercises. They are okay as a family companion as they tend to get along with children but they are not so great with other pets.

Lab Fox Terrier mix

Fox Terrier Lab mix dog loves nature

There are two types of Fox Terriers with head shape and coat being the main difference between the two breeds. Both types of Fox Terriers are of medium size with an average height of 15 inches (38 cm)

Smooth Fox Terriers have, as their name suggests smooth thick fur and a wedge-shaped head. Their smooth, dense coasts shed very little and they will need to be brushed only occasionally.

On the other hand, Wire Fox Terriers have a dense coat like coconut matting, which has a wave or crinkle to it. These dogs will need their hair stripped, or plucked, regularly at a parlor.

What does a Lab Terrier mix look like?

Lab Terrier mix chillin' in the seashore

While the look of a Lab Terrier mix can vary greatly, this crossbreed will typically have a short, stocky body with straight strong legs, an elongated muzzle, a medium-length droopy tail.

Their head will be in good proportion to their body with a black nose, brown expressive eyes, and a smiley quizzical expression.

Their ears will either be short, erect and folded like the Terrier or floppy and pendant shaped like the Labrador Retriever.

How big do Lab Terrier mixes get?

An average-sized dog, the Lab Terrier mix will typically be smaller than a Lab but bigger than the Terrier parent breed. A mal Lab Terrier mix will be bigger and heavier than its female counterpart.

You can expect male Terrier Lab mixes to weigh between 27 and 50 pounds (12 and 22 kg) with females coming in at around 20 to 45 pounds (9 and 20 kg).

A male dog will stand between 13 to 17 inches (33 and 43cm) tall with a female being between 13 and 15 inches (33 and 38cm) tall.

Coat of the Labrador Terrier

The coat of the Lab Terrier mix will normally be of a medium length, straight, and very dense. The coat can come in a variety of colors including solid black, brown, or white, or a combination of these colors. 

Lab Terrier mix exploring the seashore
Source: @jaxthebeardo / IG

Lab Terrier mix temperament

While Lab Terrier mix puppies will all have different personalities, this breed will definitely be a people pleaser with lots of love and affection to go around.

Their playful and happy demeanor will make them a great companion for children

However, they are so loyal and loving that they do have a tendency to be clingy and will suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long, causing them to chew on things you don’t want to be destroyed.

That said, this intelligent breed is easy to train. They can easily read your mood and will listen intently to instructions, although they may not always obey.

As a result, they need a firm pack leader who is prepared to train them from a young age and keep training varied to prevent boredom from setting in. 

However, they do enjoy the attention that comes with training and will respond well to treats and positive reinforcement.

If trained and socialized properly the Lab Terrier mix will be a friendly social dog that takes well to children, other pets, and strangers.

Cream Lab Terrier mix dog staring the owner
Source: @louis2therescue / IG

Caring for Labrador Terrier mix

While the high energy of this breed requires lots of exercises, the Lab Terrier mix is not a high maintenance breed.

That said, one thing to be aware of with a Terrier Labrador mix is climate as these dogs will not do well in extreme cold or heat. 

Exercising a Lab Terrier mix

As both parent breeds of the Lab Terrier mix are extremely active, this dog needs to be exercised daily.

A half an hour walk every day, as well as a variety of games at home, will keep this breed happy and healthy. Games can include fetch, hide, and seek and tug of war.

Lab Terrier mix playing at the beach
Source: @louis2therescue / IG

When walking your dog try and opt for a distance of around 9 miles and keep your dog on a leash as the hunting instinct may cause them to run off while their stubborn nature can cause them to be selectively deaf and not listen to your commands. 

This breed will also enjoy visits to the park and doggy daycare and may enjoy swimming, thanks to the Labrador Retriever parent.

If given the required exercise this breed needs on a daily basis they can adapt well to a range of home environments, even apartment living.

Feeding your Terrier Lab mix

Although highly active, you still need to be stick with feeding this breed only the required amount based on their height and weight.

This breed will love eating and the Lab parent makes them at high risk for obesity.

Stick to the best quality dry dog food to avoid your dog putting on extra weight while still providing them the nutrients they need. 

Will a Lab Terrier mix shed?

It is difficult to tell if your Lab Terrier mix will shed as the parent breeds are so vastly different in this regard but typically this crossbreed will be a moderate to excessive shedder.

As a result, this breed is not hypoallergenic and is not recommended for an owner with allergies. 

You will likely need to brush your dog once a week with a firm bristled brush. You can also wipe them down with a damp cloth to make their coat shiny while checking their ears for any debris and dirt build-up.

Also, be sure to brush their teeth from a young age.

How long does the Lab Terrier mix live?

Lab Terrier mix in a sunny field

The life expectancy of this hybrid dog breed is between 10 to 15 years. While typically healthy, if not given the required exercise, obesity, and a number of more complex health issues can set in. 

These include mobility issues such as Intervertebral Disc Disease which affects the spine, Hip Dysplasia which can lead to arthritis, and Patellar Luxation which causes knee joint discomfort.

Due to the Labrador Retriever parent, this mixed breed can also be prone to getting ear infections.

Lab Terrier mix puppies for sale

Cute Lab Terrier mix puppy
Source: @katie_mtn_mermaid

There is a wide cost range for Lab Terrier mix puppies with the type of Terrier parent greatly affect the price of puppies.

Finding a Lab Terrier mix breeder

Be sure to always look for a reputable breeder that you can trust is not overbreeding the parent dogs.

Always ask for the health documents for both parents as well as your puppy so you are aware early on of any possible health issues.

Here are some sites where you can get started in your search for a Lab Terrier mix to call your own:

  • Keystone Puppies
  • Buckeye Puppies
  • Lancaster Puppies

Lab Terrier mix puppies for adoption

While you may find a Lab Terrier mix in a shelter, it won’t always be clear on the type of Terrier breed your cross has been mixed with and adoption could lead to a low-quality ancestry but you might find a real gem.

Here are some adoption centers where you can look for a Lab Terrier mix in need of a home:

  • Peak Lab Rescue
  • American Lab Rescue

Should you get a Lab Terrier mix?

Labrador Terrier mix smiling at the owner
Source: @goldietherescuemutt / IG

The Lab Terrier mix is a loving family dog that is full of energy and highly sociable. This breed makes for a perfect companion dog and is a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Just be sure you are willing to provide your dog with plenty of exercises as this breed is not a good choice for someone that wants a purse or lap dog.

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