Which Schnauzer Haircut is Best For My Dog?

Schnauzers are great pets with bold personalities and hypoallergenic fur. These dogs shed very little, or not at all, making them a fabulous choice for pet owners with allergies.

But what that does mean is that their hair can grow quite long, and they’ll need to be cut regularly. 

A white salt Miniature Schnauzer dog standing on the grass

This does mean, though that you can also get creative in creating some unique styles for your pet.

Choose to give him something short for summer or cut his hair into a gorgeous style that could win awards at the dog show – the choice is yours!

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular Schnauzer haircuts so that you can choose one that suits both you and your dog’s lifestyle and personality. 

What is a Schnauzer?

Schnauzers are a German breed of dog known for their wiry coat and heavy whiskers. 

Standard Schnauzer dog portrait
A Standard Schnauzer dog portrait

Originally Schnauzers were bred as rat catchers and guard dogs. There are three different Schnauzers, namely Miniature Schnauzers, Standard Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers

The characteristic coat of the Schnauzer comes in certain distinct colors including black, black and silver, salt and pepper, liver, liver and tan, and liver pepper. You can also find rare parti-colored Schnauzers.

What are the Different Schnauzer Haircuts?

If you have just got a Schnauzer puppy and are not sure where to start when it comes to cutting your dog’s hair, then be sure to keep reading.

Here are some ideas for cutting your dog’s hair that will keep him happy and comfortable and make him look ever so handsome.

1. Traditional Schnauzer Haircut

A black Schnauzer with traditional haircut
A panting black Schnauzer dog with a traditional haircut – Image source

If you’re looking for the most common Schnauzer haircut, then the traditional Schnauzer cut is the way to go. This cut is so commonly used for this breed that some people think they come out looking this way!

In the traditional cut, the hair is short around the belly, back, neck and tail. The face is also cut short, leaving a long beard and longer yet still tidy legs.

2. Long Pants Schnauzer Haircut

A Schnauzer dog with long pants haircut style
Meet Bennie, a Schnauzer dog with long pants haircut style – Image source

The long pants Schnauzer haircut is similar to the traditional Schnauzer cut, but as the name suggests, the fur on the legs is left long.

Although this style is easier for groomers, it is more challenging for pet owners to maintain as the longer leg hair can matt easily and needs regular brushing.

3. Puppy Schnauzer Haircut

Lovely Schnauzer dog with puppy style haircut
Lovely Schnauzer dog with puppy style haircut wearing girly bandana – Image source

The puppy haircut is another typical cut for the Schnauzer breed. It is meant to make your dog look young, like a puppy. It isn’t as well manicured as some other Schnauzer cuts and is perfect for care-free, fun-loving pups.

In this cut, your Schnauzer’s fur is cut to the same length all over the body, leaving about one to two inches of fur. The hair on the face can also be trimmed to give your dog an innocent look.

4. Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

A Schnauzer with teddy bear hairstyle
A Schnauzer dog with a teddy bear hairstyle wearing a bandana – Image source

The teddy bear cut is a cute and cuddly hairstyle that requires no shaving and leaves your dog’s fur as long or as short as you would like.

With this style, your pet’s fur should be one length all over with a rounded teddy bear-like head and a rounded beard rather than the square shape of the traditional cut.

5. Shaved Schnauzer or the Kennel Clip

Schnauzer in grooming salon with kennel clip haircut
A Schnauzer dog at the grooming salon got a kennel clip haircut – Image source

The kennel clip is an excellent choice for dogs who live in warmer climates or frequently visit the kennel.

As the name suggests, in this cut, your Schnauzer’s hair is cut very short all over the body, with the hair on the legs, face, tail, back, and belly shaved to about half an inch or even shorter. 

This cut is also an excellent choice for pet owners who don’t have the time and energy to maintain their dogs’ coats and don’t want to bathe or brush their pets too often.

6. Summer Schnauzer Cut

A Schnauzer got a summer style haircut
Cute Schnauzer dog having a summer style haircut – Image source

The summer cut is another low-maintenance cut perfect for hot weather. In this cut, your Schnauzer’s hair is shaved close to the body with one length all over, however, the face is kept in the traditional Schnauzer look.

Apart from the beard, no brushing is required as hair this short won’t mat or tangle.

7. Au Natural Schnauzer Haircut

A Schnauzer having a beard trim
A Schnauzer dog having an Au natural looks with the new haircut – Image source

If you want to let your Schnauzer live as nature intended, you can go for the au natural look.

Simply let your dog’s hair grow as it would naturally into a curvy, wavy mane, trimming it regularly around the eyes and muzzle to keep it clean and tidy.

To keep it neat, you may also consider trimming the back, head, and neck now and again.

Although you’ll need to regularly brush your Schnauzer’s coat to keep it looking great, this cut is a fabulous option for cold climates and winters.

8. Asian Fusion

A Schnauzer dog having Asian fusion looks
Schnauzer dog in Asian fusion looks with his new hairstyle – Image source

The Eastern world has taken dog cuts to the next level, giving their pets unique hairstyles that make them really stand out from the crowd.

Take inspiration from this trend and give your Schnauzer dog a cut that takes his cuteness to a whole other level. 

These voluminous haircuts look particularly great on small miniature Schnauzers who also have the strong personalities to pull off a bold look.

9. Stylish Pants AKA Furry Leg Cut

A Schnauzer with furry leg haircut
Hey, I’m Tommy, a Schnauzer dog with a furry leg hairstyle – Image source

As the name suggests, this cut gives your Schnauzer adorable fluffy legs. The coat is short all over with fluffy, furry legs that are styled to make your dog look like he is wearing a pair of pants.

Before cutting your dog in this style, you’ll need to comb his hair nicely. Once you are finished, you can wash and dry your dog to ensure the cut is even.

10. Schnauzer Poodle Haircut

A Schnauzer got a poodle like haircut
A Schnauzer dog looks like a poodle with his new haircut – Image source

Schnauzers and Poodles are often compared due to their hypoallergenic coats, but Schnauzer’s coat is not as curly as the poodles. That said, you can still cut it in a similar style to this breed. 

11. Schnauzer Winter-Time Snug Cut

A Schnauzer dog with winter-time snug cut hairstyle
A happy Schnauzer dog with the winter-time snug cut hairstyle – Image source

While you may opt for the kennel cut in the summer months, during winter, you may decide to give him some extra layers to keep him nice and warm.

In this cut, the hair is left long on the body and the legs, kind of like the traditional cut but a little longer, without being so long that it mats easily.

What are the Different Schnauzer Focused-on-the-Face and Bangs Haircuts?

The hair around your Schnauzer’s face can get messy when he eats, drinks, and sniffs outside. It can also irritate the eyes, making it difficult for your dog to see or even lead to infections.

This means that you may want to cut the hair on your dog’s face more frequently than you would the rest of his body. Here are some options that you can try for your dog’s face alone.

12. Moustache Cut or Whiskers Cut

A curious Schnauzer with whiskers cut hairstyle
Curious Schnauzer dog with whiskers hairstyle looking afar – Image source

Schnauzers have plenty of fur on their muzzle, and this breed is known for its mustache. To create this dapper look, you should grow the hair around your dog’s muzzle and brush it down to look like a beard.

You can then trim it and style it to create any shape mustache you would like.

13. Eyebrows Cut

Newly groomed Schnauzer with eyebrows cut
A newly groomed Schnauzer dog having eyebrows cut stuff – Image source

Schnauzers also have very prominent eyebrows, and you may choose to make these a feature on your dog’s face. You can grow them straight out, down the face, or let the underneath hairs grow long for a wise appearance.

Show dogs often have triangular and rectangular-shaped eyebrows.

14. Mohawk Cut

A Schnauzer with a mohawk haircut
A cool Schnauzer dog on travel with a mohawk hairstyle – Image source

If you aren’t into the wise, gentlemanly looks that eyebrows and a mustache can give your dog, you might choose to cut your Schnauzer’s hair into a mohawk.

This is a fun look to do with the hair on top of your pet’s head or even down the back. 

The longer the mohawk, the more it will stand out, and you can even trim the hair on the rest of the neck and back to make your dog’s mohawk stand out. 

15. Clean Face

A Schnauzer with clean haircut
Clean looking Schnauzer dog with his hairstyle – Image source

If your dog likes to dig, frequently puts his nose where it doesn’t belong, or eats canned food, you may want to veer away from leaving long sections of hair on your dog’s face.

Instead, opt for a clean face where your Schnauzer is stripped of his beard and eyebrows and looks smart and clean. This style works well with the kennel cut or summer cut.

16. Topknot

A top knot can look super cute on a Schnauzer. In this style, your dog’s facial hair is clipped short all over leaving a longer portion on the top which is then combed back into a ponytail or tied up in a top knot.

You can even add a shiny bow or cute hair clip to complete the look.

How Often Do Schnauzers Need Haircuts?

Schnauzers need grooming more frequently than many other breeds. You can bank on taking these dogs to the parlor every four to six weeks.

You may also decide to cut your dog following the seasons, giving them a longer, fuller cut in winter when they need extra coverage and cutting the hair short during summer to keep your pet cool. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Schnauzer Haircuts

Pretty Schnauzer with new haircut
Pretty Schnauzer dog looking comfortable with the new haircut – Image source

Do Schnauzers need haircuts?

Depending on your dog, your Schnauzer is likely to have long hair which is either wavy or curly. This hair can grow very quickly and can become matted and tangled, which can be painful for your dog if not taken care of. 

If you just want to keep your dog healthy and happy, you’ll need to cut him regularly, and if you plan to show him at a dog show, you may want to invest in a fancier cut.

How short should you cut a Schnauzer’s hair?

How short you decide to cut your Schnauzer’s coat will be influenced by your lifestyle as well as the climate where you and your dog reside.

You may decide to go for a shortcut in which your dog’s hair is left just half an inch thick or you may opt for a longer coat for your pooch, however, this will require more maintenance like brushing to keep your dog’s coat looking good.

Is it okay to shave a Schnauzer?

You might need to shave your Schnauzer once in a while and the choice to do so is completely up to you.

Shaving your Schnauzer should not do damage to your dog’s hair and even if you shave off your pet’s whiskers they will grow back with time.

Some dogs that should never be shaved include Huskies, Malamutes, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Aussies.

When should a Schnauzer puppy get its first haircut?

New cut Schnauzer playing outside
Newly cut Schnauzer puppy playing under the sun – Image source

Schnauzer puppies should be taken to the groomer for the first time when they are at least five weeks old, although it may be better to wait until your dog is eight weeks old to give his fur proper time to grow.

By this stage, your dog will also have had his vaccinations, so will be more protected against disease.

In the weeks and days leading up to your puppy’s first cut, you can get him accustomed to being brushed at home and even put the clipper on to get used to the sound. 

How much does it cost to groom a Schnauzer?

A visit to the groomer will likely cost between $40 and $80 a time and the fancier and more difficult cut you choose the more your parlor is likely to charge. Groomers that come to your home are also likely to cost more. 

You may find self-grooming facilities in your area that provide the tools and a space for you to groom your own dog. These will usually charge between $11 and $23 a visit.

What happens if you don’t groom a Schnauzer?

Grooming your Schnauzer isn’t just essential for his overall appearance. It is also vital for his well-being. Schnauzers have compound hair follicles which means that 30 hairs or more can grow from one follicle or guard hair.

A good groomer will know how to properly strip a Schnauzers coat to get rid of these hairs and remove excess undercoats.

Incorrect grooming of Schnauzers can lead to Schnauzer bumps, a version of ingrown hairs on your dog.

Although the bumps are mostly harmless, they can bother your pet or can get caught on things and ripped which can lead to infection.

Taking Care of Your Schnauzer’s Gorgeous Coat

A Schnauzer dog taking a bath
A Schnauzer dog loves taking a bath – Image source

All three Schnauzer sizes used to be groomed using a process called hand stripping when the groomer clears dead hair, leaving room for new hair to grow.

This however was a very labor-intensive process and has now been replaced with clipping the coat which requires less specialized tools and training and is a lot quicker to do.

What are good grooming tips for Schnauzers?

Just as you would follow best practices for feeding and exercising your pet, so should you do for grooming your pet. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your Schnauzer’s coat looking and feeling great.

  • Avoid illness by practicing good grooming methods: Cut your dog’s hair regularly, and you’ll avoid painful mats from occurring and keep your dog free from any harmful insects and bugs. Your dog’s coat can also help to keep him warm in winter and cool in summer to prevent heat exhaustion or other illnesses.
  • Set up a maintenance schedule: Schnauzers need to be taken to the groomer regularly. Set up a schedule so you know when next to make a parlor booking and so that you can factor in the extra cost to that month’s budget.
  • Keep their facial fur brushed and washed: Traditional Schnauzer styles include leaving your dog with longer facial hair. This hair will need to be brushed daily or even a few times a day, especially if your pet is a messy eater.
  • Keep their fur trimmed: Trimming the longer portions of your dog’s coat such as the beard and legs regularly will help keep your dog looking good. Even if you don’t take your dog to the parlor, you can do this trimming at home in the in-between weeks.
  • Brush their fur often: Schnauzers traditionally have longer sections of the coat in the beard, mustache, eyebrows, and legs. This long hair can look quite luxurious but will need to brush frequently to prevent tangles. 
  • Have their hair hand-stripped: If you want to avoid the condition known as Schnauzer bumps, you need to hand-strip your dog to remove the central guard hairs. However, this is a very time-consuming and expensive method of grooming and many parlors do not offer this service.
  • Consider their seasonal needs: The thick fur of the Schnauzer can cause your dog to overheat in the summer months while during winter your dog may rely on his coat to keep warm. For this reason, you’ll want to consider the season when picking the perfect cut for your pooch.

Do you need to learn how to cut your Schnauzer’s hair at home?

A Miniature Schnauzer with clean haircut
A newly trimmed Miniature Schnauzer dog at home looking serious – Image source

Grooming your Schnauzer at home can be a great bonding experience for you and your pet but you may want to do a course or chat with your groomer to get advice on the proper tools and techniques.

If you decide to hand strip your dog, you may want to do this at home as taking your dog to the groomer to do this can be quite costly.

While you don’t necessarily need to learn how to cut your dog’s hair at home as this can be taken care of by a groomer, you should learn how to properly bathe and brush your dog. 

How do you cut or trim your Schnauzer’s hair?

To trim your Schnauzers hair at home, you’ll first need plenty of patience. It will take about two to three hours to groom a Miniature Schnauzer and four to six hours to groom a Giant Schnauzer dog.

Before you start trimming your dog, you will need to brush out the hair to get rid of any mats and tangles and thoroughly bathe and dry your dog.

You can then start the grooming process on the face, paying careful attention to the beard and eyebrows before moving on to the rest of the head, neck, and body.

The last part of your dog that you would groom is the tail and the legs.

This comprehensive video on how to groom your Schnauzer at home will tell you everything you need to know to get started: 

The Right Dog Grooming Tools and Kits for the Best Dog Hairstyles

Schnauzer dog having haircut by the owner
A Schnauzer dog getting haircut by the owner – Image source

If you want to try grooming your Schnauzer at home, you’ll need the right tools.

These grooming tools are quite an investment with good quality dog clippers setting you back between $250 and $600 with extra blades costing around $30 to $50. 

The blades that you will need are numbers 40 and 30 for clipping the feet pads, number 10 for delicate areas, and 7f or 5f blades for creating shapes.

In addition to clippers, you’ll also need a grooming table, brushes, combs, a hairdryer, and carding knives.

How can you find the best groomer in your area?

Your local newspaper or social media groups are a good place to start looking for a groomer in your area.

You should look up reviews of the groomer, you are planning to use to see what other pet owners think of them and you can also talk to the groomer to ask them about their experience working with the Schnauzer breed. 

Which Schnauzer Haircut Best Match for Your Schnauzer Lifestyle?

Schnauzer hairstyles are not only a necessity for this breed whose hair can grow quite long if left ungroomed, but they are vital for keeping your dog happy and healthy.

They will help your dog to adapt to the weather, prevent bumps from forming, and keep your dog free from painful mats and tangles.

Different hairstyles will also help convey the personality of you and your dog. You may opt to give your dog a wise, gentleman-like beard, or instead a wacky, bold mohawk.

Whatever option you pick, we are sure that your pup will look fantastic.

Do you have a Schnauzer at home? What hairstyle have you chosen for your dog? Let us know in the comments beneath.

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