Yorkie Haircuts: Which is Best For My Pup?

Last Updated on April 21, 2023

Young Yorkshire Terrier dog in the meadow

What is a Yorkshire Terrier?

Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkies are companion dogs who require regular upkeep. These small dogs are known for their stunning coat and are popular show dogs in the United States.

Originally bred to hunt rodents, Yorkies are full of spirit and are higher energy. They make great apartment dogs because of their size but still need daily exercise.

This breed tends to be very vocal. Yorkies also make great family companions if properly socialized at a young age.

One of a few toy dog breeds, Yorkies are small. Their coat, however, can get quite long and requires styling, haircuts, and regular bathing.

Their wavy silky coat is stunning, but these dogs are not ideal for first-time owners.

Male and female Yorkies tend not to differ too much, but male Yorkies’ coats can sometimes be more stunning. Female Yorkies still need daily brushing and styling, though.

These little style icons need to go to the groomer every four to six weeks. That’s about how long it takes their fur to grow out and touch the ground.

Daily brushing and regular upkeep results in less matting, a nifty hairdo, and the cutest Yorkie look you could imagine!

Different coat lengths for Yorkshire Terriers

A Yorkie’s long hair can be styled to any length. This includes short, medium, long, very long, or even shaved

Shaving your Yorkie is recommended to keep him or her cool. If you live in a hot climate, consider buzzing your Yorkie’s fur. Otherwise, you have many lengths to choose from!

9 Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts

The most popular Yorkie haircut styles are up for debate, but here are our favorites.

1. Yorkie Puppy Cut

This style is one of the best Yorkie haircuts because it is low maintenance and plays up the cuteness of this breed.

Portrait of Yorkshire Terrier dog with a puppy haircut

The Yorkie puppy cut leaves one or two inches of hair around the body and creates less matting and tangling.

This cut requires regular trimming, but it’s still low maintenance in comparison. Your pup will be ready for the runways!

2. Yorkie Kennel Cut

This is a particularly good idea in the hot summer months. The Kennel Cut is a short hairstyle, and with it, the Yorkie’s coat is cut down significantly. 

Only the legs, tail, and head are kept a bit longer. This short haircut trims the fur on the paws down significantly, as well, ensuring your dog is ready for summer play.

Yorkshire Terrier dog with a kennel haircut

3. Yorkie Teddy Bear Cut

This look capitalizes on the cuteness of the Yorkie. All fur is trimmed to an equal length, except for the face where it’s cut circularly.

The effect of cutting the facial hair this way is to make the Yorkie look like a sweet teddy bear.

Yorkshire Terrier dog with a teddy bear haircut
Source: @rachelcolantgrooming / IG

4. Yorkie Schnauzer Trim

Inspired by, you guessed it, the Schnauzer, this look will make your pup look refined and high quality.

Trim your dog’s mustache and ears so they’re a bit longer, and leave some long hair on the bottom third of the body and legs.

Except for a “bib” on your Yorkie’s chest, trim the rest of the body to about half an inch in length.

Dog lovers won’t be able to resist commenting on your regal Yorkie after this haircut!

Yorkshire Terrier with a Schnauzer trim style

5. Yorkie Show Cut

This hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. It will require daily grooming and keeps the long hair intact. With this haircut, your Yorkie will be sporting a long, dreamy coat and a top knot. 

Beware that this is only meant for the show ring. Daily brushing, detangling, and bathing is required for this Yorkie look.

Curious to see this coat in action? Check out the Yorkshire Terrier Breed Judging from the 2020 Westminster Dog Show:

6. Yorkie Westie Cut

This is another breed-inspired look, this time taking after the Westie. This will leave your dog’s hair medium to long, with hair trimmed at an angle along the face. This cut accentuates the Yorkie’s cute stubby nose.

Since this leaves your pup’s coat on the longer side, it requires more rigorous daily upkeep. Opt for another style if you’re looking for something lower maintenance.

Yorkshire Terrier dog lying on the bed covered with blanket

7. Yorkie Squared Puppy Cut

An advanced variant of the Puppy Cut, this means trimming your Yorkie’s face into a square bob. Your little Yorkie’s forehead hairs will be left one inch in length; many people use gel to keep them in place.

Yorkshire Terrier dog with squared puppy haircut
Source: @bella_yorkie_girl_ / IG

8. 3 Layer Stock

As the name implies, this haircut gives your dog three distinct layers of hair. This style will likely require a professional groomer.

Although this looks great, it’s another high maintenance style. Your Yorkie will need daily brushing to prevent mats and knots.

Yorkshire Terrier dog with a 3-layered stock haircut

9. Yorkie Flared Haircut

This style is a nice hybrid between cute, dynamic, and low maintenance

With this cut, your Yorkie’s hair will be trimmed short along the main body, but the legs are kept long and flair out. Like the Squared Puppy Cut, facial hair should be trimmed in a square fashion.

Hopefully, these haircut ideas give you some inspiration!

Fresh haircut Yorkshire Terrier dog
Source: @oakleygrooming / IG

How to cut Yorkie face hair

Similarly to the body, the facial hair of a Yorkie can be trimmed short, medium, or long.

The closely shaved head and face mean short hair and no top knot.

The medium-length head and face is seen in square cuts. Hair parts in the middle and falls to the side, typically not long enough for a top knot.

The long length head and face requires a top knot so that your pup can see. This is what you find with a Show Cut and requires quite a bit of maintenance.

Maintaining Yorkie haircuts

Cutting a Yorkie’s hair requires professional dog grooming. Yorkshire terrier haircuts are notoriously tricky, so it’s best not to attempt them on your own.

The length you choose to cut your dog’s hair depends on its lifestyle. If you reside in a warmer climate, living the Yorkie life means getting hot.

To prevent overheating, cut your dog’s fur short. If your dog is a show dog, then you’ll need to keep the hair long. Take lifestyle into account.

Your dog will require professional grooming every four to six weeks. Your Yorkie’s first haircut should occur around 4 months of age.

If you want your dog’s hair to grow faster, give him or her a balanced diet. Additionally, regular bathing with warm water and high-quality shampoo works wonders if you massage the skin.

These grooming tips should help stimulate hair growth.

Yorkshire Terrier dog taking a bath

Never trim your Yorkie’s whiskers. Whiskers are like a sixth sense for your dog, allowing him or her to play and explore properly.

Brush Yorkies daily. DIY brushing includes a fine-tooth comb and pin brush

When it comes to grooming a puppy, start slowly. Introduce him or her to the tools and make sure he or she is comfortable. Start young, so your dog doesn’t develop fears.

Even if your dog dislikes brushing, there are ways to combat this phobia. Place brushes on the ground and put treats around them to create a positive association. Next, gently touch the bristles to your dog, but don’t brush.

Once he or she is comfortable with that, you can lightly brush the fur. Alternate each stroke with a treat or a pet and build up slowly from there.

Eventually, your dog will be a pro, but patience is key. Pay attention to your dog’s body language, and don’t do too much too soon.

Which Yorkshire Terrier Haircut Do I Choose?

Yorkshire Terrier dog lying on the grooming table with scissors

As mentioned previously, this depends. Take into account your lifestyle. If you live in a warm client, a short haircut or even a shave is best.

If you plan to show your Yorkshire Terrier, you’ll need long hair, like the Show Cut.

If your lifestyle is flexible, you can simply choose the cutest haircut for your dog. Try looking up Yorkie haircuts pictures” or “cute Yorkie haircuts on Google to get some inspiration and see which you like best.

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