What are Some Great Mexican Dog Names?

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Whether you’re adopting a Mexican dog breed or just love Mexico, you’ll find some perfect dog names on this list.

In this list, we’ve included some modern names, as well as some ancient ones from the Aztec culture. 

A tiny Chihuahua smiling and staying on the grass
Portrait of a Chihuahua enjoying the sun

How do you pick the right Mexican name for your dog?

Choosing the perfect name for your canine can be overwhelming. There are so many different options out there.

Narrowing it down to just one can be so difficult. Even if you’ve narrowed it down to Mexican dog names specifically, there are still so many options. 

We recommend narrowing it down to at least a few names and then trying each name out to figure out which one is best for your canine.

You may want to spend a bit getting to know your canine before settling on a name, as it can take a bit for their personalities to come to the forefront. 

Once you’ve settled on a name for your canine, it’s time to teach them their name. You can do this in many different ways.

The easiest way is simply to call their name and then give them a treat when they acknowledge it. This will teach them that their name is a good thing and help them respond accordingly. 

If you’ve adopted your dog, you should rename them. Generally speaking, you don’t know what sort of feelings your dog will have attached to their old name.

In most cases, you will not have a solid idea of what their home life was like before you brought them home. You do not want them to associate their name with fear or stress. 

For this reason, it is best to change it – even if you’re okay with their previous name. 

Three standing Xoloitzcuintli dogs outdoors
Xoloitzcuintli hairless dogs standing outdoors on a summer day

Famous Mexican Dog Names

Here is a quick list of some famous Mexican dog names, as well as some names of famous people from Mexican culture you may choose to name your dog after.

  1. Tulum
  2. Anthony
  3. Cesar
  4. Monte
  5. Rodolfo
  6. Cholula
  7. Lopez
  8. Malecon
  9. Madre
  10. Zipolite
  11. Nino
  12. Uxmal
  13. Bueno
  14. Tajin
  15. Carmen
  16. Selena
  17. Juni
  18. Garcia
  19. Cortez
  20. Kahlo

Best Mexican dog names

Out of all the possible Mexican dog names out there, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Blanca: “white”
  2. Bonita: “pretty”
  3. Candelaria: “candle”
  4. Caridad: “dear”
  5. Reina: “queen”
  6. Remigio: “oarsman”; a fitting name for a water-loving dog
  7. Requel: “ewe”
  8. Reynaldo: “wise ruler”
  9. Atl: “water”
  10. Atole: a drink that was popular in pre-hispanic culture
  11. Aztec
  12. Cacahuate: “peanut”
  13. Cacahuatl: “chocolate”
  14. Camote: “sweet potato”
  15. Capulin: “cherry”
  16. Chante: “home”
  17. Dionisio: “follower of Dionysos”, who is the Greek god of intoxication
  18. Domitila: “tame one”
  19. Enchiladas
  20. Eufemia: “well I speak”
  21. Genoveva: “race of women”
  22. Gertrudis: “spear strength”
  23. Gilberta: “pledge-bright”
  24. Gracia: “pleasing” 

Mexican dog names based on size

If you simply adore how big or how small your canine friend is, it can also serve as inspiration when picking out his or her name.

Portrait of 10 week old Chihuahua dog
A portrait of a 10-week old Chihuahua

Mexican dog names for smaller pets

If you have a smaller canine, these Mexican names may be fitting:

  1. Azucena: “madonna lily”
  2. Bebe: “baby”
  3. Bella: “beautiful”
  4. Bernardita: “bold as a bear”
  5. Catherina: “pure”
  6. Che
  7. Chico
  8. Juana
  9. Juarez

Mexican dog names for larger pets

For larger dogs, we recommend the name on this list:

  1. Mijo
  2. Nina
  3. Pollito: endearing name that literally translates to “small chicken”
  4. Raisin
  5. Santo: “saint”
  6. Nayeli
  7. Neva: “snow”
  8. Oscar: “god spear”
  9. Oso: “bear”
  10. Oaxaca
  11. Puebla

Mexican dog names for Chihuahuas

A dashing Chihuahua wearing a snood
Source: @dashing_dog_designs / IG

Chihuahuas are a common dog breed from Mexico. In fact, they are one of the most well-known breeds from Mexico. 

  1. Amar: “to love”
  2. Armando
  3. Clarisa: “fame”
  4. Corazon: “heart”
  5. Debora: “bee”
  6. Dolores: “sorrows”
  7. Doncia: “sweet”
  8. Eduarda: “guardian of prosperity”
  9. Esmerelda: “emerald”
  10. Estela: “star”
  11. Evita: “life”
  12. Felipa: “lover of horses”
  13. Flor
  14. Fresca: “fresh”
  15. Frida
  16. Gordito: “chubby” – this is used as an affectionate term in Mexico
  17. Idoya: “pond”
  18. Isabel
  19. Ivette: “yew tree”
  20. Juanita
  21. Julieta
  22. Leocadia: “bright, clear light”
  23. Lobo: “wolf”
  24. Lucinda: “light”
  25. Lucio: “light”
  26. Luna: “moon”
  27. Lupe: “wolf”
  28. Mariposa: “butterfly”
  29. Melania: “dark, black”
  30. Merlin: “sea fort”
  31. Nacho
  32. Paloma: “dove”
  33. Pastor: “shepherd”
  34. Paulino: “small”
  35. Perla: “pearl”
  36. Petrona: “stone”
  37. Pino: “pine tree”
  38. Placido: “calm”
  39. Querida: “dear one”
  40. Risa: “laughter”
  41. Rocio: “dew
  42. Rodolfo: “famous wolf”
  43. Rogerio: “famous spear”
  44. Rosa
  45. Rosario: “rosary”
  46. Rosita: “rose”
  47. Rufino: “red hair”
  48. Ruperto: “bright fame”
  49. Sarita: Spanish version of Sarah
  50. Severo: “stern”
  51. Sofronio: “self-controlled”
  52. Sol: “sun”
  53. Sonora
  54. Sosimo: “survivor”
  55. Susanita: “lily”
  56. Tabasco
  57. Teobaldo: “people-bold”
  58. Valerio: strong”
  59. Vida: “life”
  60. Vinicio: “vine”
  61. Zorro: “fox”

Traditional Hispanic puppy name suggestions

We don’t know all of the Aztec languages, but we do know a few words. This list of names is based on some of the words we do know:

  1. Ahuacatl: “avocado”
  2. Asquel: “a small ant”
  3. Chapulin: “grasshopper”
  4. Chicle: “gum”
  5. Chiquito: “chile”
  6. Coyotl: “coyote”
  7. Mayatl: “beetle”
  8. Metztli: “moon”
  9. Milpa: “agricultural field”
  10. Molli: “sauce”. This is where part of the word “Guacamole” comes from.
  11. Nopalli: a type of cactus that was commonly eaten
  12. Ocelotl: “Ocelot”, which is a small wild cat similar to a leopard but way smaller.
  13. Olotl: “corn husk”
  14. Popotl: a straw used for drinking
  15. Sakatl: “grass”
  16. Tecolotl: “owl”
  17. Tomatl: “tomato”
  18. Tonaltzintli: “sun”
  19. Tzapotl: a tree that bears fruit
  20. Tzopilotl: “vulture”
An adorable brown Spanish Waterdog
Source: @zenzi_spanish_water_dogs / IG

Mexican dog names inspired by Spanish words

These names are actually Spanish words, but they also make pretty good names. 

  1. Loida: “agreeable”
  2. Lola: “sorrows”
  3. Trini: “trinity”
  4. Valencia: “power”
  5. Veronica: “bringer of victory”
  6. Camilo: “attendant for a temple”
  7. Carlito: “little Carlos”
  8. Carmelo: “garden-land”
  9. Lupita: “little wolf”
  10. Luz: “light”
  11. Maite: “lovable”
  12. Mireya: “wonderful”

Mexican dog names inspired by Mexico’s geography

There are many famous places throughout Mexico. Here are some place names that may also be fitting for your canine:

  1. Guanajuato
  2. Chicken Itza
  3. Uxmal
  4. Cancun
  5. Puerto Vallarta
  6. Playa del Carmen

Mexican dog names inspired by Mexican food and beverages 

Mexico has a unique (and yummy) food culture. Here are some names inspired by their delicious food:

  1. Chilaquiles
  2. Pozole
  3. Al Pastor
  4. Enchilada
  5. Pozole
  6. Tostadas
  7. Chiles
  8. Elote
  9. Mole
  10. Tequila
  11. Margarita
  12. Tamale
  13. Gordita
  14. Chalupa

Tough Mexican dog names

There are many tough dog names as well, such as Edmundo. We’ve included tougher-sounding names on this list. 

  1. Benito: “blessed”
  2. Bolivar: “meadow mill”
  3. Casimiro: “commands peace”
  4. Cayetano: “from Italy”; the perfect name for an Italian dog breed
  5. Cleto: “called back”
  6. Diego: “teaching”
  7. Edmundo: “protector of prosperity”
  8. Eloy: “to choose”
  9. Elpidio: “hope”
  10. Oliverio: “peaceful”
  11. Rafael: “God has healed”
  12. Raul: “wise wolf”
  13. Santos: “saint”
  14. Adriana
  15. Merida
  16. Toluca

Cute Mexican dog names

From Amor to Coco, there are plenty of cuter names on this list:

  1. Alma: “soul”
  2. Amigo: “friend”
  3. Amiga: “friend” 
  4. Amor
  5. Beni
  6. Blanco: “white”
  7. Bombon
  8. Coco
  9. Cordero: “lamb”
  10. Diablo: “devil”
  11. Domingo: “Sunday”
  12. Ese
  13. Fiesta: “party”
  14. Hola: “hello”
  15. Maya
  16. Sierra: “mountains”
  17. Solana: “sunny spot”
  18. Tigre: “tiger”
  19. Vato: “dude”
  20. Chiquita
  21. Durango
  22. Emilio
A white Chihuahua with white plum blossoms
Source: @espresso728 / IG

Cool Mexican dog names

These names are simply cool – and quite unique as well in most cases. 

  1. Jacinta: “hyacinth”
  2. Katia: “pure”
  3. Lalia: “talkative”
  4. Lareina: “the queen”
  5. Leonor: “foreign”
  6. Elpidio: “hope”
  7. Fausto: “lucky”
  8. Federico: “peaceful ruler”
  9. Gervasi: “spear servant”
  10. Goyo: “watchful”

Funny Mexican dog names

These names are either funny because of the word itself or because of what the word means. Some of these names even mean crazy!

  1. Alfrendo: “elf”
  2. Arco Iris: “rainbow”
  3. Babieca: “a simpleton”
  4. Belen: “house of bread”
  5. Besos: “kiss”
  6. Blas: “talks with a lisp”
  7. Bravas: “fried potatoes”
  8. Chorizo: “sausage”
  9. Claudio: “lame”
  10. Clavileno: “wooden-pin”
  11. Croquetas: “fried food rolls”
  12. Descarado: “feisty”
  13. Dinero: “money”
  14. Grande: “big”
  15. Guadalupe: “river of the wolf”
  16. Jamon: “ham”
  17. Loco: “crazy”
  18. Maresol: “rebellious” and “sun”
  19. Maximiano: “the greatest”
  20. Maximo: “the greatest”
  21. Octavio: “the eighth”
  22. Paella: rice with seafood
  23. Pisto: “ratatouille”
  24. Porfirio: “purple”
  25. Posole
  26. Primo: “first”
  27. Priscila: “ancient”
  28. Roque: “sleep”
  29. Ruben: “behold!”
  30. Sabas: “old man”
  31. Tacito: “silent”
  32. Torpe: “clumsy”
  33. Uno: “one”; alternately, you could name them after any Spanish number
  34. Vasco: “crow”
  35. Hairless

Unique Mexican dog names

If you’re looking for a list of names that is incredibly unique, you’ve come to the right spot.

  1. Antonio: “worthy of praise”
  2. Bartolo: “son of a farmer”
  3. Carlos: “manly”
  4. Cristiano: “follower of Christ”
  5. Eduardo: “guardian”
  6. Fernando: “adventurer”
  7. Hector: “steadfast”
  8. Celia: “heaven”
  9. Cenobia: “life of Zeus”
  10. Charo: “rosary”
  11. Dulce: “sweet”
  12. Elena: “torch”
  13. Elicia: “noble sort”
  14. Elmira: “nobly famous”
  15. Yasabel: “God is my Oath”
  16. Yazmin: “jasmine flower”
  17. Yesenia: a type of palm tree in South America
  18. Yolanda: “violet”
  19. Zartina: “princess”
  20. Javier: Spanish form of Xavier
  21. Hidalgo

Best Male and Female Mexican dog names

Whether your canine is male or female, here are some of our favorite names for each gender.

A short coat and long coat Chihuahua sitting for a portrait
Source: @chihuahuaduo / IG

Female Mexican dog/puppy names

  1. Adalina: “little noble”
  2. Adora: “adoration”
  3. Adrina: “dark:
  4. Aella: “bee”
  5. Agata: “good”
  6. Alba: “dawn”
  7. Ana: “favor”
  8. Ariela: “lioness of God”
  9. Benita: “blessed”
  10. Camila: “attendant of the temple”
  11. Cande: “candle”
  12. Carmen: “song”
  13. Catalina: Spanish version of Catherine
  14. Celestina: “heavenly”
  15. Elodia: “foreign wealth”
  16. Esme: “emerald”
  17. Estrella: “star”
  18. Francisca: “free one”
  19. Gabriela: “warrior of god”
  20. Iliana: variant of the name Helen
  21. Inez: “virginal”
  22. Jacinta: “hyacinth”
  23. Katia: “pure”
  24. Lalia: “talkative”
  25. Lareina: “the queen”
  26. Leta: “winged”
  27. Leticia: “happiness”
  28. Lito: “sorrows”
  29. Odalis: “wealthy”
  30. Olalla: “well-spoken”; consider this name if you have a noisy dog!
  31. Peppi: “everlasting”
  32. Pia: “pious”
  33. Reyna: “queen”
  34. Ria: “small river”
  35. Ricarda: “powerful ruler”
  36. Salud: “health”
  37. Sancha: “holy”
  38. Sara: “princess”
  39. Socorro: “help”
  40. Susana: “lily”
  41. Tecla: “glory of God”
  42. Tere: “harvester”
  43. Teresa: “harvester”
  44. Tonia: “invaluable”
  45. Trini: “trinity”
  46. Valencia: “power”
  47. Veronica: “bringer of victory”
  48. Violenta: “violet flower”
  49. Xenia: “well-born”
  50. Ximena: “hearkening”
  51. Vicente
  52. Zenaida: “daughter of Zeus”

Male Mexican dog/ puppy names

  1. Aaron: “light-bringer”
  2. Abelardo: “noble strength”
  3. Abraam: “father of a multitude”
  4. Adalberto: “bright nobility”
  5. Adan: meaning “earth” and “red”
  6. Bajardo: “bay color”
  7. Baldomero: “bold” and “brave
  8. Balduino: “brave friend”
  9. Benedicto: “blessed”
  10. Climaco: “ladder”
  11. Conrado: “bold counsel”
  12. Desi: “longing”
  13. Fausto: “lucky”
  14. Gaspar: “treasure bearer”
  15. Graciano: “pleasing”
  16. Gregorio: “vigilant”
  17. Gualtiero: “ruler of the army”
  18. Jaime: “supplanter”
  19. Jenaro: “January”
  20. Leon: “lion”
  21. Lino: “a cry of grief” and “flax”
  22. Manuel: “God is with us”
  23. Marcelino: “defense” and “sea”
  24. Marcial: “of mars” (as in the Roman deity, not the planet)
  25. Marcio: “defense” and “of the sea”
  26. Novio: “boyfriend”
  27. Ovidio: “sheepherder”; a great name for a herding dog
  28. Pablo: “small”
  29. Paco: “French”
  30. Santiago: Spanish for St. James, the son of Zebedee in the Bible
  31. Alejandro: “defends mankind”
  32. Andres: “manly”
  33. Juan: “God is gracious”
  34. Jose: “God shall add”
  35. Tijuana
  36. Veracruz
  37. Luis: “famous warrior”
  38. Perro
  39. Pedro: “rock”
  40. Teo: “God”
  41. Toro: “bull”

What Should I name my Mexican dog?

A Xoloitzcuintle standing on the grass looking up
Source: @harry_the_xoloo / IG

What you name your Mexican dog is completely up to you. No matter what you pick, we’re sure that your dog will love the name and grow into it.

It is practically impossible to choose the perfect name. Trying to find the perfect name will only cause indecision. You should simply aim to choose a name that you love. 

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