20 of the Best Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids to Consider Adopting

Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, especially for kids. If your child is responsible and has the time to care for and play with the dog, then kids should absolutely have a canine companion.

One of the best dogs to get for kids is a hypoallergenic dog. Not only is it less shedding for you, but it helps with allergies.

A West Highland White Terrier and a girl
A West Highland White Terrier and a girl at a park

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What Does it Mean if a Dog is Classified as Hypoallergenic?

Did you know that no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic? Hypoallergenic means that if an allergic reaction is triggered, the response will be less intense.

Hypoallergenic dogs shed little to no fur. This means that there will be less dander.

However, oftentimes, pet allergies come from the dander or saliva. Allergies occur when your immune system acts strongly again a foreign substance.

In the case of pets, it’s usually dander. Dander is the skin cells that animals shed. When they shed, it gets caught in their fur and hair, which ends up all over your furniture and clothes.

If you think you or a family member has pet allergies, see if they have these symptoms.

For example, allergy sufferers may have a skin rash or itchy hives, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, a runny nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion, or chest or throat tightening or swelling.

Regardless, non-shedding dogs are your best bet if you have dog allergies but still want to add a furry friend to your home.

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Ideal for Kids with Allergies

If you have kids that have pet allergies, then consider getting them a hypoallergenic dog. These are great dogs that will make an awesome best friend for your child.

A young boy playing with a Havanese puppy
A Havanese puppy and a young boy

There are many hypoallergenic pups to help keep your kid’s allergies at bay, and their low-shedding will keep your house cleaner, too.

Small Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Kids

What is the most child-friendly small dog breed for kids that’s also considered hypoallergenic? First, let’s talk about some small dog breeds that are hypoallergenic and great with children.

1. Bichon Frise

A smiling Bichon Frise standing on a bench
Source: @_5_bichon / IG

The Bichon Frise is one of the more popular dog breeds for allergies. This pup is good with kids and has plenty of energy.

They love to play, especially with the children. The Bichon Frise is happy and enjoys doing activities with their family. You can clip their coat short, which will further decrease the dander.

2. Miniature Schnauzer

A Miniature Schnauzer standing on the grass
Source: @bobby_theminischnauzer / IG

Not only are Miniature Schnauzers cute, but they are hypoallergenic, great for people with allergies, and awesome with kids. Dog owners will surely love this pooch.

In addition, this dog breed is a great watchdog. They may be wary of strangers and bark at them, but they’re not aggressive pups.

3. Havanese

A Havanese lying on the grass
Source: @rosa_havana / IG

The Havanese is another small dog breed that’s great with children. In addition, if you have other pets in your house, then the Havanese will get along just fine with them.

While they are prone to separation anxiety and may bark a lot, this pooch makes a great pet for an apartment and will be the perfect lap dog for any dog lover. 

4. West Highland White Terrier

A West Highland White Terrier smiling with its tongue out
Source: @westie_mongsil / IG

The West Highland West Terrier, also known as Westies, is a delight to have in any home. They do not shed much and enjoy having fun with their humans.

This dog breed is also another one that’s great with children, as long as the kids know how to play with dogs and treat them with respect properly.

5. Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu sitting on a sofa
Source: @princess._.ishika / IG

Shih Tzus are sweet dog that’s doesn’t shed much, making them hypoallergenic. They also enjoy spending time with kids.

However, they have a silky coat that requires some grooming. Even though they don’t shed much, you want to ensure their coat doesn’t get tangled and knotted.

6. Basenji

A Basenji dog wearing a colorful collar
Source: @jason_basenji / IG

The Basenji is a small hound that’s hairless, making them odorless and non-shedders. It’s an intelligent breed that’s alert and energetic. They’ll do well with lots of exercise and playtime.

This pooch is a great family dog, though they will do better with older children. The best part is that they barely bark, being known as the Barkless Dog.

7. Affenpinscher

A black Affenpinscher lying on the grass
Source: @affenalfred_og_herman / IG

Affenpinschers are a small dog breed that’s active, low-maintenance, and loves to play. They don’t bark much, so they’re relatively quiet pups.

This pooch will need weekly regular grooming thanks to its bushy coat. But don’t let that coat fool you. This little dog is low-shedding, giving them hypoallergenic status. 

8. Lhasa Apso

A Lhasa Apso dog wearing two orange ribbons

The Lhasa Apso, despite its small size, was bred to be a guard dog. Therefore, their hypoallergenic coat will need regular brushing, about once a week. However, they have short dog hair and will shed minimally.

This doggo is calm, but they enjoy their playtime and can have a lot of energy. They’re protective but will only bark when necessary.

9. Cairn Terrier

A happy, leashed Cairn Terrier dog lying on the grass

The Cairn Terrier has coarse hair, so they don’t shed too much. This is an ideal doggo for allergy sufferers. They have fearless personalities but also know how to have a good time. They’ll make a great family dog.

10. Wire Fox Terrier

A leashed Wire Fox Terrier dog standing
Source: @pipertomkins / IG

The Wire Fox Terrier is hypoallergenic, and they’re a family-friendly canine companion. They are independent, energetic, and smart, making training a breeze.

In addition, they have a low-maintenance coat that’s wiry and doesn’t shed much.

11. Scottish Terrier

A leashed black Scottish Terrier dog
Source: @leinoe_scottie / IG

The Scottish Terrier may be independent and stubborn, but they make great pets. This pooch is happy to lounge on your couch. They have a wiry coat that won’t shed too much, and they’ll get along fine with children.

12. Bedlington Terrier

A Bedlington Terrier sitting on a couch
Source: @willowbedlington / IG

The Bedlington Terrier is a calm breed. This small pup doesn’t require a lot of exercise. They’ll enjoy a daily walk with you, but they don’t need much more than that. They are great with kids and gentle.

In addition, this doggo is soft, resembling a lamb, with their curly, woolly coat that doesn’t shed.

13. Chinese Crested

A white Chinese Crested dog walking
Source: @itsthemerm / IG

The Chinese Crested pooch is an alert pup that craves human attention. These small dogs are playful and will love to join in on activities with the family. They make great family pets as they’re gentle with children. In addition, they shed little to no hair.

14. Coton de Tulear

A smiley Coton de Tulear sitting on the grass
Source: @thefluffminister / IG

Coton de Tulears are happy dogs that are eager to please, easy to train, and loyal. Not only do they get along well with kids, but they’ll also get along well with other dogs and pets in the house.

They do have a long coat that requires daily grooming, but it won’t shed too much.

Medium-Sized Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids

Next, let’s discuss some medium-sized dog breeds that are great for kids and great for their allergies.

15. Portuguese Water Dog

A black-and-white Portuguese Water Dog
Source: @pwdpup2020 / IG

Portuguese Water Dogs don’t shed much, and they’re great with kids.

This pooch has a curly coat, similar to the Standard Poodle. They require a bit of grooming, but they barely shed, so this pooch is considered hypoallergenic and will help your child breathe easier.

16. Spanish Water Dog

A brown Spanish Water Dog playing with a toy
Source: @servicedog.yuki / IG

If you’re an active family with kids, then look no further than the Spanish Water Dog. This doggo has high energy levels and will thrive going on adventures and exercising with you.

This hypoallergenic pooch is great with kids, protective, and requires little to no grooming, except once a year. 

17. Standard Schnauzer

A Standard Schnauzer at a park

The Standard Schnauzer is another dog breed that will do well in any home. They come in other sizes, such as the Miniature Schnauzer or Giant Schnauzer as well.

They enjoy being around children and will love to play with them. This pooch is athletic and can be energetic, so they’ll need daily exercise and playtime.

18. Xoloitzcuintli

A Xoloitzcuintli with a toy in its mouth
Source: @enrico_xoloitzcuintli / IG

The Xoloitzcuintli can come in three different sizes, such as toy, miniature, and standard.

They can also be hairless or coated. So, you can choose which one will best suit your household if you want to bring this pup home.

This pup is calm, attentive, and has moderate exercise and grooming needs.

19. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier smiling
Source: @hachinuts / IG

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are a delight for any family to have. These pups are happy as can be, adapt well to any lifestyle, and they’re great with children.

They have a silky coat that needs to be groomed regularly to avoid tangles, but it won’t shed much. In addition, they’re an energetic breed that will need regular exercise.

Large Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the large dog breeds. These awesome pups are great for kids, and they’re hypoallergenic.

20. Irish Water Spaniel

A brown Irish Water Spaniel with a toy in its mouth
Source: @geordiiws / IG

Irish Water Spaniels are intelligent and considered to be the silliest of all the Spaniels. However, they are active and energetic, so they’ll need plenty of playtime and exercise to tire themselves out.

This pooch has a curly double coat that’s water-resistant and sheds very little.

Other Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids

A standard Labradoodle puppy lying on its stomach
Source: @the.loki.bear / IG

If none of the dogs on this list tickle your fancy, then there are plenty of other hypoallergenic dog breeds. You can check out some of these other breeds below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A smiling Coton de Tulear puppy
Source: @debby_lady_coton / IG

Would the best hypoallergenic small dog not trigger an allergy?

Since no dog is purely hypoallergenic, allergies may still be triggered. However, if you get a hypoallergenic small dog breed, that trigger may be less.

Allergies are caused by dander, which is dead skin cells. A small dog, given its size, has less hair or fur to shed and should spread less dander, too.

Where can you find a hypoallergenic dog?

You can easily find hypoallergenic dogs through a local shelter. You can give them a call and visit certain dogs to see if you have an allergic reaction to them.

Alternatively, if any of the breeds on this list jump out at you, you can search breed-specific rescues. This is a great way to give a dog a great home, and they’re safe for you as well.

You can also look up reputable breeders if you’re looking for a puppy. A good breeder will know whether or not the dog is hypoallergenic and how their grooming needs need to be met.

How do you choose the right hypoallergenic dog for you?

A Bichon Frise puppy playing with a toy
Source: @leochi_no_nikki / IG

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right hypoallergenic dog for you and your family.

First, consider the size of your home. Then, choose a dog that can adapt to your lifestyle and the environment you dwell in.

For example, some dogs are better suited in a house with a fenced-in yard, while others will do just fine in a quiet apartment.

Also, consider your family members. Not all dog breeds are well-suitable for children or elderly members.

For example, some pups will do okay with older children, but they won’t do well with toddlers. Of course, you should always supervise your dog and children playing together. In addition, they should be well-trained and socialized.

Next, think about the time you spend with your dog.

For example, if you work all day and your dog is home alone, they may be prone to separation anxiety. Alternatively, high-energy dog breeds need a certain amount of exercise, attention, and playtime throughout the day.

Did you know that some dogs shed seasonally while others may shed all year round? When choosing a pup, consider the shedding levels.

If they shed all year round or seasonally, how much will they shed? Hypoallergenic dogs typically shed little to no fur at all.

Finally, think about your dog’s purpose. Each breed belongs to a group, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). For example, some groups are Hounds, Sporting, Herding, and more.

Working dogs, for instance, typically have high energy levels and require a lot of exercise and physical and mental stimulation. If you can’t meet their energy needs, you might want to consider a low-energy dog breed.

What are the worst dogs for allergies?

A Saint Bernard dog sticking its tongue out
Source: @kennelkikis / IG

Some dog breeds are great for kids, but they are not considered hypoallergenic. In other words, they’re not good for your children’s allergies.

Some of these dog breeds are ones that shed a lot and drool a lot, getting dander and saliva all over the house.

So, for example, Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards, and Labrador Retrievers might not be a good fit if you need a hypoallergenic pup.

On the other hand, hypoallergenic dogs aren’t great with kids—for example, the Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkies), or Kerry Blue Terriers.

How can you help a child live with allergies to dogs?

Even if you have a hypoallergenic dog at home, allergens can still be around the house. However, you can make living with allergies seem like your allergy-free by doing a couple of things.

First, choose the right hypoallergenic dog breed for you. For example, small dogs cause fewer allergies than large dogs because they have less fur to shed.

Additionally, you can keep the dog out of rooms you frequently go to.

While it doesn’t seem ideal to keep your doggo out of your bedroom, it will undoubtedly allow less hair to get on your bed sheets so you can sleep soundly at night.

Give your pooch their own space. Your dog should have a crate or bed to sleep in or a safe space to rest during the day. This will also control their dander a bit if they spend a lot of time in that area.

In addition, get your pup regularly groomed. Whether you do it yourself or bring them to the groomers, your dog should get a good clean frequently. It will keep the shedding at bay but also keep their skin and coat clean and healthy.

Another thing you can do is have no carpet in your house. Dander and dog hairs can get stuck in the carpet, making it hard to clean.

Again, hardwood flooring is the best way to go unless you have the time to shampoo your rug regularly.

Finally, you can get a HEPA(high-efficiency particulate air). This is a special air conditioner that will keep allergens under control and make your house feel allergy-free.

Which Breed Makes Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids?

A black Portuguese Water Dog resting among the bushes
Source: @frassebus_ / IG

So, which dog breed that’s hypoallergenic do you think is right for you and your family? If you can meet the grooming requirements and the exercise needs of some of these dog breeds, then they’re worth looking into.

The dogs on this list are kid-friendly, adorable, and won’t leave their fur or hair all over your clothes and furniture.

While no dog is truly hypoallergenic, they can certainly help with allergies. This way, you and your family can enjoy a fun canine companion. They’ll be your child’s best friend.

Do you have a hypoallergenic dog breed at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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