Chihuahua Mixes: 30 Different Chihuahua Crossbreeds

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Hailing all the way from Mexico, the Chihuahua has become a celebrated toy breed the world over. Recently, Chihuahua mixes have grown in popularity, too.

Both apple head and deer head Chihuahuas are crossed with other purebreds to create these hybrids. You can also find short- and long-haired Chihuahua mix varieties.

Portrait of two Chihuahua dogs

We’re confident that these Chihuahua crosses will paw at your heartstrings. Let’s get to it!

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Most Popular, Unique, and Lovely Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

You can find just about any Chihuahua crossbreed combination. Here are 30 of the best Chihuahua mixes out there, complete with pictures so you can take in all the cuteness. 

Get ready for precious puppy overload!

1. Poodle and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chipoo)

Chihuahua and Poodle mix dog lying in a flowery field
Source: @_bella_and_betty_ / IG

When you blend the hypoallergenic Toy Poodle with the spunky Chihuahua, you’re bound to get a fun-loving pooch!

Because of the Poodle’s intelligence and sociability, this Chipoo is perfect for extroverted dog owners. They’ll love your kids, your guests, and most importantly, you.

Chi-Poos come in a wide range of sizes, too. By adulthood, they can weigh anywhere from 3-20 pounds (1-9 kg) and stand between 5-15 inches (13-38 cm) tall.

This is great if you want a dog that’s bigger than a Chihuahua, but not massive.

2. Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix (AKA Pomchi)

Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix dog inside the car

Is it a dog? Is it a fox? Nope…it’s the Pomchi!

This darling Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is ideal for dog lovers with plenty of free time. Pomchis can never get too much attention!

Weighing in at 4-12 pounds (2-5 kg) and measuring 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) tall, Pomchis are slightly bigger than purebred Chihuahuas.

Still, their small dog status puts them at risk of injury in overexcited hands. Toddler moms and dads take caution!

3. Papillon and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chion)

Chihuahua and Papillon mix dog
Source: @boots_bean_and_the_ween / IG

Imagine a long-haired Chihuahua with the luscious ear fringe of the Papillon. That’s exactly what you get with the Chion!

The Chion’s gorgeous locks may be the envy of the dog park, but they’ll require a good bit of grooming to stay tangle-free. 

Chions also need patience when it comes to training. With a regal stubbornness, you’ll need to coax and lead them into obedience.

Whether the Papillon Chihuahua mix gets along with kids depends on their socialization–and on the child. But as long as this tiny pup gets the love and affection they deserve, they’ll be happy.

4. Pug and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chug)

Chihuahua and Pug mix running in the field
Source: @vallahthechug / IG

How do you make a Chug? You take the Chihuahua’s short legs, the Pug’s wrinkly face, and bam! You’ve got one of the cutest Chihuahua mix dogs on the market.

While the Chihuahua Pug mix won’t turn down an opportunity to play, they’re content to lounge about with their favorite human.

Their tendency to form close bonds and appreciation for all things lethargic makes them excellent companion dogs for seniors!

…as long as those seniors don’t have allergies, that is.

Despite the Chug’s slick coat, these dogs shed like it’s their life’s purpose. “Hypoallergenic” is not in their vocabulary.

5. Beagle and Chihuahua mix (AKA Cheagle)

Chihuahua and Beagle mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @cheagle.klaus / IG

Get ready for the outgoing Cheagle. The Beagle Chihuahua mix packs tons of energy! Between their floppy ears and friendly disposition, it’s hard to resist this hybrid.

Despite their hound dog genes, Cheagles aren’t always the best for hunting and tracking. Their size is hard to pin down, and if they’re too small, game hunts might be dangerous for them.

They also don’t enjoy the same long Chihuahua lifespan. Cheagles are at increased risk for heart and eye conditions, giving them a life expectancy of only 10-14 years.

6. French Bulldog and Chihuahua mix (AKA French Bullhuahua)

Chihuahua and French Bulldog mix dog excited for treat
Source: @graythebullhuahua / IG

The Chihuahua French Bulldog mix is 30% dog, 70% ear. And we’re here for it.

Beneath those dinnerplate ears are a muscular frame and stumpy legs. Some Bullhuahuas look more like the Chihuahua, while others take after the French Bulldog.

Either way, these pups are guaranteed to be cute as a button!

Bullhuahuas know how charming they are, and they have the attitude to match. As precocious as they are low-maintenance, it’s easy to see how the Bullhuahua could be a good fit for any owner.

7.  Labrador and Chihuahua mix (AKA Labrahuahua)

Chihuahua and Labrador Retriever mix dog wearing scarf
Source: @mrshillyg / IG

Labrahuahuas give you the Lab’s gentle chumminess with just the right amount of Chihuahua sass. Patient and energetic, this crossbreed is a far better fit for kid-friendly families than purebred Chihuahuas.

Labrador Retrievers and Chihuahuas are at opposite ends of the size spectrum. Your Labrahuahua’s adult height and weight are totally up to chance, but these hybrids are usually small- or medium-sized.

Because of their long legs, Labrahuahuas need strenuous exercise. If you want a new jogging buddy, consider this energetic crossbreed!

8. Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix (AKA Shichi)

Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix dog excited for food
Source: @wee_lil_willy_walter / IG

Cherished among toy breed fanatics, the Shichi is fast becoming a popular Chihuahua mix. They’re already recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR).

There’s nothing the Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix loves more than making new friends.

Kind-hearted and sociable, you won’t have to worry about this hybrid being too aggressive. If the Chihuahua’s standoffish demeanor is a concern, the Shichi might be right up your alley!

9. Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chipin)

Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix dog lying on the grass
Source: @penny_aka_lily_dog / IG

The Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher mix is the embodiment of adaptability. Giving you both confidence and friendliness, Chipins are well-suited for families with lots of love to share.

As you might have guessed, Chipins don’t get very tall. Standing at only 8-12 inches (20-30 cm), you’ll want to be sure that any young tikes in the house handle your Chipin carefully.

While the Chipin’s fur could grow long, they generally don’t require a time-consuming grooming routine. Not only do the kiddos get a pure-hearted playmate, you’ll have time to get in on the cuddles, too!

Just take note of this crossbreed’s inherent territorialism. They’re fiercely devoted to their packs, so begin their socialization in puppyhood to mold a well-rounded dog.

10. Pitbull and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chipit)

Chihuahua and Pitbull mix dog sitting on the fallen autumn leaves
Source: @adventures_of_stitch_and_yukon / IG

The Pitbull and the Chihuahua couldn’t be any more different, and yet they make an adorable, athletic mix.

The Chipit is a wonderful dog for active owners. They give you all of the Chihuahua’s intensity with the cuddle bug Pitbull temperament. Chipits can switch from playful to gentle with ease!

Keep in mind that Chihuahua fire in a Pitbull-sized dog can spell trouble without good training. Chipits weigh 15-35 pounds (7-16 kg) and measure 12-18 inches (30-46 cm), so make sure this doggo knows their manners.

11. Dachshund and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chiweenie)

Chihuahua and Dachshund mix dog
Source: @faiththechiweenie / IG

It doesn’t get any cuter than the Chiweenie! This Dachshund Chihuahua blend often looks like a Chihuahua face on a Weiner Dog body. 

The unpredictability is in the ears, though. Your short, stout Chiweenie could have massive, pointed Chihuahua ears. Alternatively, their ears might boast the traditional Dachshund droop.

One of the more popular Chihuahua mixes, you won’t have to look hard for a Chiweenie breeder. Just be prepared to start their potty training as soon your puppy comes home! 

Chiweenies are notoriously difficult to housebreak, so remember: patience is a virtue. (And reward treats are always welcome, too.)

12. Yorkie and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chorkie)

Young Chihuahua and Yorkie mix dog sitting on the sofa chair
Source: @pawlie_pocket / IG

Who doesn’t love a Yorkshire Terrier? When you mix the Yorkie with the Chihuahua, you’re guaranteed to have a brassy designer breed on your hands.

Chorkies reach their adult size by about six months. Most won’t weigh more than 15 pounds (7 kg) or measure taller than 9 inches (23 cm) at the withers. This pup stays puppy-sized for life!

Pack-oriented to the core, Chorkies want nothing more than steady companionship. This is great for owners who work remotely.

But if your job comes with a demanding schedule, consider a more independent Chihuahua mix.

13. Chihuahua Terrier mix

Chihuahua and Terrier mix dog wearing scarf
Source: @gizmo_the_taco / IG

If you like the idea of a Chihuahua Terrier mix but don’t fancy the Chorkie, you’re in luck. You can find Chihuahuas crossed with just about any type of Terrier imaginable.

There are more than 30 AKC-recognized Terrier dog breeds, and you can find just about all of them in a Chihuahua mix. Here are a few common Chihuahua Terrier mixes:

  • Scotchi (Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix)
  • Rat Cha (Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix)
  • Bullhuahua Terrier (Bull Terrier Chihuahua mix)
  • Toxirn (Cairn Terrier Chihuahua mix)
  • Taco Terrier (Toy Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix)

How your Chihuahua Terrier mix will look and act is hard to say. Most will be fairly small…and filled to the brim with a need to be busy.

Terriers and Chihuahuas share their feistiness in common. These hybrids make great pets for energetic owners. Are you up for the challenge?

14. Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix (AKA Jack Chi)

Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix dog waiting for a treat
Source: @odie.jackchi / IG

With a Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua for parents, there’s no way your Jack Chi will be anything but energetic. You could ask them to calm down, but they’d probably show off their zoomies instead.

Frequent exercise is an absolute must for this breed. Jack Chis live and breathe for activity, and they never seem to quit. Couch potatoes, steer clear!

Worried about a noisy pup? Thankfully, Jack Chis defy the small, yappy dog stereotype. They get along well with kids and strangers alike, and they’re pretty quiet compared to other breeds.

Your Jack Chi won’t do much in the way of guarding your home, but your friends will love them!

15. Corgi and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chigi)

Chihuahua Corgi mix dog lying on the couch
Source: @adventures_of_rocko / IG

Little though they may be, the Chigi is one fearless pooch.

This hybrid can come from a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They may have slight variations based on their Corgi variety, but these differences are minute.

From their Corgi side, Chigis inherent herding instincts. Their Chihuahua genes lend them a certain spicy air. With these two qualities, you’ll have a brave crossbreed on your hands.

Chigis usually choose one person in particular to be their human. This doesn’t mean they neglect the rest of the family, though. Chigis devote themselves to the whole pack.

If anyone in that pack has allergies, though, the sneeze-inducing Chigi might not be a good choice. In addition to their herding genes, these dogs are born shedders!

16. Golden Retriever and Chihuahua mix (AKA Golden Chi)

Chihuahua Golden Retriever mix dog sitting on the floor
Source: @loganpaws0818 / IG

You can’t go wrong with a Golden Retriever Chihuahua mix! A tried-and-true family dog like the Golden Retriever is the perfect contrast to the Chihuahua’s kingly ways.

Because of their social nature, the Golden Chi is arguably the best Chihuahua mix for families with children. They’re more tolerant than Chihuahuas–and much sturdier.

Concerned about space? Golden Chis weigh an average of 15-30 pounds (7-14 kg), far less than a purebred Golden.

While this hybrid would be happiest in a spacious home (what dog wouldn’t?), they can adapt to smaller spaces with the right amount of exercise. 

17. Husky Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi-Husky)

Chihuahua Husky mix dog portrait
Source: @feistydemigod / IG

Chi-Huskies are the eye-catching cross between the Siberian Husky and the Chihuahua. They often look like shrunken Huskies with wider ears. Some even have the blue Husky eyes!

For dog moms and dads who love the Chihuahua and Husky personalities but want a medium-sized pooch, the Chi-Husky is a great option.

Full-grown Chi-Huskies weigh 10-30 pounds (5-14 kg) and stand 10-15 inches (25-38 cm) tall.

They also boast a long life expectancy of 12-15 years. While this is slightly shorter than the Chihuahua lifespan, you can still look forward to more than a decade of laughs and love with this hybrid.

18. Great Dane and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi-Dane-Dane)

While the Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world, the Great Dane is the tallest. We know you’re scratching your head wondering how this combo is even possible.

Tiny Chihuahua and giant Great Dane dog portrait
A portrait of a tiny Chihuahua and giant Great Dane dogs

Suffice it to say that modern breeding has come a long way!

The Chi-Dane-Dane is equal parts impressive and unique. Their physical appearance is completely random, but you can bet on a larger-than-life crossbreed.

But if you have your set on this contradictory crossbreed, you might be disappointed. 

Based on our research, the Great Dane Chihuahua mix is extremely rare. It seems like this hybrid is mostly a matter of wishful thinking for the time being.

19. Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix (AKA ChiBo)

Chihuahua Boston Terrier mix dog

Curious and outgoing, the ChiBo will never know a stranger. Drawing on their Boston Terrier and Chihuahua heritage, this crossbreed has an ideal temperament for social owners.

As friendly as the Boston Huahua can be, they don’t always take too kindly to impulsive children. Keep that in mind before you add one of these pups to your household.

What really makes the ChiBo stand out is her facial wrinkles. Some have more folds than others, but this feature certainly distinguishes the Boston Terrier Chihuahua mix from other crosses.

20. German Shepherd Chihuahua mix

Chihuahua German Shepherd mix dog on the beach
Source: @fritoboykramer / IG

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is sure to turn heads.

While we can’t promise a specific appearance or build with any hybrid, the Chihuahua German Shepherd often has a long muzzle and short legs.

Especially if yours has the traditional German Shepherd saddle, be prepared to field tons of questions about where you get this striking pooch.

Because Chihuahuas and German Shepherds are both natural defenders, it’s safe to assume that their mixed-breed offspring will make a good watchdog.

You’ll get the Chihuahua’s vigilance, with the German Shepherd brawn to back it up.

21. Maltese and Chihuahua mix (AKA Malchi)

Chihuahua Maltese mix dog in a cityscape background
Source: @leo_malchihua / IG

Are you looking for a new fur baby or a barking cotton ball? You’ll hardly know the difference with the Malchi!

The Maltese Chihuahua mix is known for its piercing bark. If you and your neighbors share walls, this mouthy designer dog won’t win you any new friends.

Pet parents who don’t mind a talkative canine will find a warmhearted pal in the Malchi. These pups truly see themselves as part of your family unit.

Brazen and vocal as they may be, Malchis only want your love and attention.

22. Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chizer)

Chihuahua Miniature Schnauzer mix dog
Source: @cinch_the_cattledog / IG

Who could resist a scruffy-faced pooch? The Chizer has a delightfully frizzy mane, inherited straight from their Miniature Schnauzer lineage.

Like many little dogs, Chizers do best in adult-only homes or in homes with older children.

Younger kids are a tad too excitable for this crossbreed’s liking. Their low tolerance for kids coupled with their small stature makes them an easy target for accidental injury.

That said, Chizers will soak up any and all affection they get from grown-ups. We can’t think of anything they love more than being reminded of their place in a loyal pack.

23. Bichon Frise and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi-Chon)

Cute Chihuahua Bichon Frise mix dog with a doughnut toy
Source: @dottie_and_dougal / IG

The Bichon Frise Chihuahua mix, better known as the Chi-Chon, is a tiny little thing with a big brain.

Chi-Chons excel at agility and obedience trials. Find a Bichon Chihuahua mix puppy, and you’ll find a furry genius!

24. Cocker Spaniel and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi-Spaniel)

Chihuahua Cocker Spaniel mix dog chewing tennis ball
Source: @thorthechispaniel /  IG

A blend of the Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel, Chi-Spaniels is an adaptable designer dog with a stunning coat.

Some Chi-Spaniels inherit the characteristic Spaniel wavy fur, while others have straighter hair. Either way, this pooch will likely be soft and fuzzy. Consider them your own living, breathing stuffed animal!

25. Affenpinscher and Chihuahua mix (AKA Affenhuahua)

Chihuahua Affenpinscher mix dog posing near the sea
Source: @affenhuahua / IG

You thought the Chipin was scruffy? They’ve got nothing on the Affenhuahua!

With Affenpinscher and Chihuahua genetics, the Affenhuahua sees himself as the king of the castle.

Happy to be the only pet in the home, this crossbreed definitely does not prescribe to the idea of “the more, the merrier.”

26. Dalmatian and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chimation)

Chihuahua Dalmatian mix dog waiting for a treat
Source: @haleybug29 / IG

The medium-sized Chimation is the speckled Chihuahua you’ve always wanted, thanks to their Dalmatian parent.

This is another rare designer dog. If you find Dalmatian Chihuahua mix puppies for sale, your next step should be buying a lottery ticket. It takes a lucky person to nab one of these pooches!

27. Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi Chi)

Chihuahua Chinese Crested mix dog exploring the hills

A cross between the Chinese Crested and the Chihuahua, the Chi Chi is one of a kind.

While their fur technically comes in the standard Chihuahua colors, they don’t have much fur to begin with. Peppered with patchy fuzz, this hybrid is an allergy sufferer’s dream come true!

28. Boxer and Chihuahua mix (AKA Boxachi)

Chihuahua Boxer mix dog lying on the sofa

The Boxer Chihuahua mix–nicknamed the Boxachi–is yet another seemingly contradictory Chihuahua mix.

Putting one large breed with a toy breed often results in a medium-sized fur baby, but it’s hard to say just how big the Boxachi will be. 

Weighing anywhere from 10-40 pounds (5-18 kg) and standing between 6-20 inches (15-51 cm) tall, this hybrid is like the surprise in a box of Cracker Jacks. You won’t know what you get until you get it!

29. Lhasa Apso and Chihuahua mix (AKA Chi Apso)

Chihuahua Lhasa Apso mix dog lying under the sun
Source: @dita_delrey / IG

Little though they may be, the Chi Apso is a chunky pup! You’ll fall in love with their miniature barrel belly and fluffy fur.

Because of their small size and peppy spirit, the Lhasa Apso Chihuahua mix is ideal for first-time and experienced owners alike.

30. Italian Greyhuahua mix

Chihuahua Italian Greyhound mix dog standing on the meadow
Source: @candie_the_dog / IG

A combination of the Italian Greyhound and the Chihuahua, the slender Italian Greyhuahua designed for speed.

More dog-friendly than purebred Chihuahuas, the Chihuahua Greyhound mix might be a great fit for homes with other active canines.

Why You Should Consider a Chihuahua Mixed Breed

Not every dog meshes with every owner. We get it. Chihuahuas in particular aren’t a universal fit.

While we can all agree that Chihuahuas are absolutely darling, we can also come to a consensus on their, ahem, behavioral challenges.

A Chihuahua mixed breed is a good choice for pet parents who like some Chihuahua features, but also:

  • Own other dogs
  • Have children
  • Want a bigger breed
  • Want a furrier fur baby
  • Need an easy-to-train pooch

It seems like there is an infinite number of Chihuahua mixes available. You’re sure to find a Chihuahua hybrid that checks all your boxes.

Two Chihuahua dogs in an autumn park
Purebred Chihuahua dogs

Which Chihuahua Mixes are Your Favorites?

We’ve covered a lot of Chihuahua mix breeds here. These hybrids run the gamut from stubby and plucky to sleek and cheeky.

With so much variety, there’s no way you’ve read this far without wanting at least one of these mixes of your very own.

So, which Chihuahua mix is the best dog for you? We’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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