300+ Wolf dog names: A list of the best names for pet wolves

four goofy Siberian Huskies posing for a portrait with lavender behind

Wolf dogs are canines that deserve unique and wild names, but choosing an appropriate moniker for them can be difficult. To help you on this quest, we’ve made an extensive list of the best wolf-dog names for you to choose from. The wolf names below are suitable to wolf-like dogs, too, such as Alaskan Malamutes … Read more

Check Out The Best Spanish Dog Names For Your Pup

Lying portrait of Pyrenean Mountain dog

If you or your dog has Spanish or Latin American heritage, what better way to celebrate than by giving your pup a Spanish name? In fact, many Spanish names are so fabulous! You could even pick one for your pup if you’re just a big fan of Mexican food! Want to know what other Spanish … Read more

Pick one from the best gray dog names for your new pup

Dog portrait sitting on the basket

Have you just picked up a gray dog and are now looking for the perfect name for your new dog? Choosing a name that suits their color is a fantastic place to start. However, there are many ways to describe your Gray dog, with inspiration from ghosts, mythology, or objects. Let’s have a look at … Read more