Yorkshire Terrier Price: How Much is a Yorkie Puppy?

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

Yorkshire Terrier Price Guide

The cute as a button Yorkshire Terrier is a popular companion animal. Their tiny size and feisty personalities make these dogs great pets for various homes, including singles, families, and even the elderly. 

But what is the price of a Yorkshire Terrier, and what is one of these dogs going to set you back during their lifetime? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Do Yorkshire Terriers cost?

Yorkshire Terriers are trendy dogs and thus one of the more expensive dog breeds. Yorkie puppies have a price range from $1,500 to $3,000.

The price will be influenced by the puppy’s appearance, parent dogs, location, health, and the popularity of the breeder. Some dogs from award-winning lineages can cost as much as $10,000. 

Should you buy a Yorkie puppy or an older dog?

You may be able to adopt an older Yorkie for much cheaper at a rescue center or from a breed-specific rescue site. Getting an older dog also means you save money and time when training and housebreaking your pet. 

A rescue Yorkie can go for as little as $100, with costs offsetting the price of caring for the rescue. Sometimes the rescue center will also include your dog’s microchipping, vaccinations, and deworming in this cost.

Are small Yorkies more expensive than large ones?

Yorkies as adults weigh between 4 and 7 pounds (2 and 3 kg). Some breeders specifically breed Yorkies smaller than this. These smaller dogs are marketed as Teacup Yorkies and are typically more expensive and go for between $1,000 and $2,000.

These tiny pups are very popular but can have significant health problems.

How Much Do Dogs Cost from Yorkie Terrier Breeders?

A long-haired Yorkshire Terrier dog standing outdoors
A graceful, long-haired Yorkie

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a licensed breeder is unlikely to cost less than $800 but more than likely will be upwards of $1,200. At least 19 states require breeders to have licenses.

In addition, these breeders must comply with specific standards of care or risk facing fines, criminal charges, or revocation of their license.

While each state has specific requirements to obtain these licenses, it’s widely accepted that reputable breeders should be licensed.

In addition, a Yorkie puppy from a good breeder will come with health screenings so that you can minimize the risk of your dog developing certain conditions later in life. 

Purebred Yorkshire Terriers should have their entire breed lineage documented through a recognized breed registry. The most well-known being the American Kennel Club, or AKC. Puppies with AKC papers cost between $1,200 and $2,500. 

Higher-priced puppies, from $3,000 to $5,000 or possibly even more, come from championship bloodlines, and these puppies are typically sold to people who want show dogs for competitions. 

Unlicensed breeders are not required to conform to any standards, so there is no guarantee that your pup will be free of genetic abnormalities. While you may not initially pay as much for your dog, the unwanted vet bills later down the line could set you back a fair amount.

How to find a reputable Yorkie breeder and avoid puppy mills

Always bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

While a pet shop or backyard breeder might sell a Yorkie puppy for as little as $300 to $800, Yorkie puppies that seem too cheap probably come with a whole host of health issues and have been raised in a puppy mill rather than by a reputable breeder. 

To tell if a breeder is legitimate, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the puppy’s parent and lineage, the living environment of the dogs, and the health history. A legitimate breeder will be forthcoming with everything you need to know. 

It’s also always best to visit the breeder so that you can meet the parent dogs, puppies and see the environment in which the dogs are living. You can also check reviews of the breeder online.

Check out this video to see a fantastic transformation of a Yorkie used at a puppy mill for breeding his entire life: 

How much does it cost to raise a litter?

Yorkshire Terriers typically have very small litters. This means that the price per puppy is often higher than other dog breeds as breeders have fewer dogs to recoup their costs. Typically a breeder spends around $2,300 breeding a litter of puppies.

Here are the costs involved in raising a litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies:

  • Parent’s eye exam: $25
  • Parental Xrays to check for hip dysplasia:$200
  • Parent dog Brucellosis test: $50
  • Female parent dog progesterone test: $150
  • Parent dog heartworm exam: $50
  • Parent dog thyroid panel: $120
  • Parental DNA test: $40
  • Pre-breeding exam:$40
  • Vet check for female parent pre-delivery: $130
  • Supplies for puppies: $125
  • Puppy vet checks: $120 for a litter of six
  • Puppy vaccinations and worming: $180 for a litter of six
  • Food for mom and six puppies: $100
  • Heartworm treatment for six puppies: $60
  • Litter registration: $65 
  • Puppy packs for new owners: $150

If there are complications or the mother Yorkshire Terrier requires a c-section, these costs can escalate quite a lot.

Championship studs are often flown across the country to mate with female Yorkies to create award-winning Yorkie puppies. Stud fees can be upwards of $600, excluding any additional transport costs.

These costs are reflected in the price of the puppies, which can reach over $10,000. 

What Does it Cost to Rescue a Yorkie?

A close-up image of a Yorkshire Terrier standing outdoors
Source: @bella.belliana / IG

You can save a dog’s life by adopting a Yorkshire Terrier from a local shelter or rescue organization. Doing so will also be far cheaper than buying a puppy.

The cost of adopting a dog varies from $50 to $500. This cost also typically includes your dog’s vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and sterilization. 

When rescuing a dog, you also have the advantage of getting to know your pet’s personality first to determine if he will be suitable for your home, and you might also be made aware of any pre-existing health problems.

Factors that Impact the Price of Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Two Yorkshire Terrier puppies sitting in a hat
Two cute Yorkie puppies are ready to see the world

Various factors affect the price of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, from temperament to coat and color. 

1. Yorkie’s Age

Puppies should only be available for purchase between eight and twelve weeks of age. The younger the puppy, the more expensive, with older dogs being cheaper than tiny pups.

2. Yorkshire Terrier’s Size

Generally, the smaller the Yorkie, the higher the price. As mentioned, be wary of buying a Teacup Yorkie as these tiny dogs often require costly care.

3. Purebred or Mixed Yorkies

Mixed breeds Yorkshire Terriers are cheaper than purebred puppies. With mixed breed puppies, you can’t be 100% sure what you are getting. 

4. Yorkshire Terrier’s Bloodlines 

The bloodline of a Yorkie puppy is the main factor that affects the price. Puppies from championship-winning bloodlines can fetch as much as $10,000.

If you don’t care about showing your dog or breeding with him, you don’t need to get a puppy with such a pedigree.

5. Yorkie’s Papers / Documentation

A purebred Yorkie puppy should come with documentation. These papers give you insights into your puppy’s parents, grandparents, kennel number, siblings, and breeder.

These documents also serve as your guarantee for your Yorkie’s health condition. As a result, Yorkies with papers cost more than those without records.

6. Yorkie’s Gender 

Female Yorkie puppies typically cost more than male puppies, about $300 to $500 more. Female puppies are generally more expensive as people can make money from breeding them and selling their puppies.

Many breeders don’t allow you to breed their puppies further, so check any contracts before purchasing a puppy.

7. Yorkshire Terrier Dog’s Coat

At birth, all Yorkies are black and tan. Within a few months, their coat color changes to one of four AKC registered colors which include black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. There are also chocolate and white Yorkies and parti or tri-color Yorkies that are brown, white, and red. 

However, these are not standard variations of the breed, and thus these dogs should be cheaper. That said, some breeders market these dogs as rare variations and try to sell them for a higher price.

Watch out for these breeders as they may have genetic health issues due to being intensively bred to create these rare colors.

Also, the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat should be smooth, silky, and fine in texture. Yorkies with a coarse, wiry coat or a fluffy cotton coat are not standard and should be cheaper. 

8. Yorkie’s Health Condition

Even if health checks are done, puppies can still get sick, or some are born with abnormalities or as the runt of the litter. Dogs with known defects should be cheaper.

It’s possible that the issue, like a crooked tail or a wonky ear, might not be an issue for you. Your breeder should also be able to supply you with vet checks for your puppy and the parent dogs.

9. Yorkie’s Location

The location and reputation of the breeder will also influence the cost of any puppies. If there is too much demand in one area but a lack of supply, breeders can ask for more money per puppy.

Here is a short table that will help you with understanding the price of a Yorkie pup:

Factors Lower Priced Middle Priced Highest Priced
Bloodline Documented Pure Bloodline Breeder Purebred AKC Champions
Documentation Without Documentation With Documentation AKC Registered
Health Known Health Conditions No Known Health Conditions No Illness In The Ancestry 
Size 8+lbs  4-7lbs Less than 4-7lbs
Coat Coarse, wiry coat Silky, smooth coat Silky, smooth coat
Breeder’s Reputation No Documentation and Reputation Documented Pure Bloodline Breeder Documented Champion Breeder

What Does a Yorkie Cost After You Get Him Home

A Yorkshire Terrier being offered with kibbles
Source: @bella_yorkie.girl / IG

Remember that a dog is a family member that will be around for a long time; in the case of the Yorkie, these dogs have a lifespan of fourteen years or more. 

The purchase price of a puppy is not the only amount you’ll have to consider as there are various costs that will occur during your pet’s lifetime, from buying food to pet accessories, paying for training or kennels, and trips to the vet.

Veterinarian visits for your Yorkie dog

Even a healthy Yorkie dog needs to visit the vet now and again. You’ll need to set aside money to take your dog to the vet at least once a year for his checkups and vaccinations.

Also, you may want to consider investing in a pet insurance policy that needs to be paid monthly but will cover you should your dog need any expensive emergency care. 

You will also want to factor in regular flea and tick preventative medication and the cost of microchipping your pet so that you can be located as the owner if he ever gets lost.

There is also the cost of getting your dog spayed or neutered to prevent any unwanted puppies in the future.

Yorkshire Terrier food requirements

Although Yorkies are small dogs, you must also remember the regular costs of food and treats. Yorkies need about half a cup of food each day.

A 5-pound bag of high-quality dog food for small pets costs around $10 and will give you about 16 cups of food, so it should last a month.

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Supplies for your Yorkie

You will need to buy various supplies for your Yorkie dog, including toys, a bed, blankets, brushes, a dog lead, harness, collar, and food and water bowls. You can bank on spending at least $100 right off the bat on all your dog’s accessories.

If you plan to travel with your pint-sized pup, you’ll also need to invest in some costly supplies like a crate, dog carrier, and even clothes if you are going somewhere cold. 

Consider other costs as you factor out the Yorkshire Terrier price

Alongside the above costs of raising a pet, don’t forget to budget for training, trips to the groomer, kennel overnights, doggy daycare, and dog walkers and sitters.

Most Yorkie breeders will also require a non-refundable deposit to secure your puppy. This is usually between $200 and $500 and may or may not be included in the final sale price.

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Should You Get a Yorkie Mix Instead?

The Yorkshire Terrier is often mixed with other popular breeds to create some adorable Yorkie crossbreeds.

These include the small and goofy Morkie, who is half Yorkie half Maltese, the teddy bear-like Yorkipoo, who is half Poodle, half Yorkshire Terrier, and the fun-loving Shorkie, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier. 

As these are not registered breeds, buying a Yorkie mix can be cheaper than buying a purebred Yorkie; however, some hybrid dogs are pretty fashionable and thus still fetch a high price tag.

Type of Yorkie  Rescue Dog Price Unregistered Breeder Local Breeder With Papers AKC Licensed Breeder AKC Championship Bloodline 
Yorkshire Terrier $100-$200 $300-$800 $800-$2000 $1200-$2000 Up to $10,000
Teacup Yorkie $100-$200 $1,200-$2,000 NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed
Tri-color Yorkie or Biewer Terrier (rare three-color version of Yorkie) $100-$200 $3,000-$5,000 NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed
Chorkie: Chihuahua Yorkie mix $100-$200 $400-$800 NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed
Morkie: Maltese Yorkie mix $100-$200 $850-$3,600 NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed NA – Not an official Breed

To learn more about the different Types of Yorkies, read our article here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

A Yorkshier Terrier wearing a blue bow and looking up from the floor
Source: @babiemyork / IG

How much is a Yorkie at PetSmart?

You can’t buy Yorkies directly from an online pet store like PetSmart or Amazon. However, you can buy everything you’ll need for your new pup, including food, treats, and toys.

The PetSmart Charities list also will help in searching for reputable rescue centers where you might find a Yorkie looking for a home.

What are tips for buying a Yorkie puppy?

Now that you’ve decided to buy a Yorkie puppy, here are some final tips to help you with your purchase:

1. Communicate with your Yorkie breeder

As Yorkshire Terrier breeders don’t have to be licensed to sell puppies, it can be difficult to tell the good ones from the bad. Open the lines of communication with a breeder by asking lots of questions.

A good breeder won’t hesitate to answer any questions you have about the puppies or their parents.

2. Do your due diligence

Before buying a puppy, be sure to research a breeder’s reputation and read plenty of reviews online. Also, take the time to meet with the breeder face to face and see their facilities.

Ensure that your puppy comes from a clean environment that gives him the best start in life.

3. Don’t go to puppy mills

Puppy mills keep dogs in poor conditions and only care about making a profit. While puppies from these facilities may be cheaper, they should be avoided.

Supporting these businesses will only lead to more dogs being treated cruelly for a quick buck, while your puppy could also end up with various three-color health problems.

4. See if you can get an early visitation

Some breeders will let you visit your puppy early, even if he is too young to take home yet. This allows you to get insight into your chosen pup’s personality, and you can see if he will be a good fit for your home.

These visits will also allow you to bond with your pet, making training and socialization training easier when they get older.

5. Do the health checks

Ask for detailed medical papers from your breeder as well as proof of vaccinations, heartworm, and parasite removal treatments.

You can also ask a vet to perform an independent health check on your puppy before taking him home to give you complete peace of mind.

What are great names for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Your cute and spunky new Yorkie puppy needs an adorable name that matches his small size and loveable personality. You can choose from our favorite names for Yorkshire Terriers: Pickles, Toto, Cinderella, Cinnamon, and Apollo.

Click here for a comprehensive list of our favorite names for your Yorkie.

Conclusion: Why Should You Get a Yorkshire Terrier?

A Yorkshire Terrier smiling with its tongue out
Source: @robertasousa / IG

Yorkshire Terriers make great companions, but these are not cheap dogs. Various factors influence the price of one of these pups. 

You might get lucky and find a Yorkshire Terrier at a rescue center for a cost as low as $100, while on the other hand, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a Championship line can fetch as much as $10,000. However, the average price for one of these dogs from a breeder is between $1,500 and $3,000.

However, budgeting for a new puppy goes beyond just factoring in that Yorkies cost to buy a puppy. You need to pay for various pet supplies, ongoing food costs, and regular vet visits.

Be sure that you have enough money set aside each month to care for your new family member adequately.

Are you a dog lover with a Yorkshire Terrier at home? We’d love to know more about your beloved pooch. Please share some stories of your pet with us in the comments below.

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